When Is More Not Enough?

We live in a Nation that began with blood spilled, as payment for freedom.

Though all men existing within these boundaries were granted liberty, the forces of evil soon made themselves known. They stripped away the mantra of freedom to those who looked different than they citing a passage of Scripture to carry out their evil unfairness. How can this Nation, which was founded by those escaping religious persecution–do we use the same to broker unfair policies or shame those that are different than our so-called selves.

Though glowing words heralded Americas birth, she is again faced with tyranny in the form of rich despots that would shame some of histories worst criminals. America whose principles of fairness were the guiding light that echoed once round the world, fell prey to her own successes. Slavery was the result and segregation the end result. Just as South Africa weathered the storm of Apartheid, now, America stands at a crossroad; should she turn left or should she pivot right.

Many will argue that this is extremism; have not the conservative radio hosts spoken on veiled terms of “now is ‘our’ time to take back America.”
Educated people have fallen prey to the lies cast forth from the very media sources they once eschewed.
Informed people, some of whom are the most highly educated, rant on woman’s issues like a zealot who has just walked from his hut and then was seceded the ability of command over women and the poor. Pro-life has become a word; while we as humans have an obligation to protect the young-if most animals can, why not more so humans.

The reality of this dogmatic approach to life and human rights regardless of common sense or even biblical teachings is heinous.

People have the right to seek their own happiness without mandated edicts from governmental powers. Yet, when the protected rights of all citizens are in danger of, or repeatedly violated-States Rights should be acknowledged.
People have the right to exist as thinking sentient beings and should be allowed to develop as far as their abilities and determination will allow. Education has improved the quality of life of a nations citizenry.

The American political process seems to be doomed as Politicians refuse to carry out their Constitutional responsibilities, while signing internal pledges to ignore their respective obligations to their constituents and sit stoically in their Senate or House seats and do nothing.

The rich have circumvented the American political process by convincing political leaders to circumvent the political mandate as elected officials who were placed in those positions by voters following a just and fair election process. These elected officials ignore their voters and bow to the influence of billionaire influence peddlers who have a shadowy motivation.

This is currently why the cost of this election is so high.
The entire voting process appears to be a miserable joke. Have the American people been fooled into the greatest con job in recent history.

Let us see how far this nation is willing to carry the burden of change. It is senseless to through support behind one person who claims to be in your corner, while having mistreated you initially has decided to alter their persona.

Are the hidden faces of hate lining up, buoyed by billionaires and special interest groups. Let us see how far their money goes.



My mind was drifting. I came upon her face emerging as from a vision of the depths of a vast ocean.

She was as beautiful the Sun.

She was as beautiful the Sun.


The suns dying rays lengthened shadows that filled every gap in my mind.

So did I see her beauty. Her star filled eyes pierced my vision as a dream that was not.

Back, back, back I traveled to what was and truly is the beginning of the human persona.

These images, though graven, mark our past and are still carried today in many forms.
Dark reminders of our link with the future through our past.

Birthplace–though we are diverse, and of many cultures, languages, dialects, faiths and values.
We are all from the same bloodline. Therein lay the beauty of civilization.

We are all one, and from the first life–begins all.



Courtesy of Amy Winehouse Productions



You found your way back among us,
had you ever left?

I remembered you in the way life
choose to grace you with beauty
and voice to sing, your voice
could do many things.

Hair dark as the night sky,
sun-kissed, it radiates a
silver-gold blue hue as it
reflects true beauty.

Piled upon your head or
falling askew, it was your
persona that radiated true.

My eyes swallowed your painted
treasures that I would never
fully see, as I measured the
path of switchbacks you seemed
only to see.

I longed to share a cigarette
with you as the smoke curled from
your lips, I would place my face
close to yours and lips would
caress lips.

The tendril of blue-white smoke
would enter into your body, my
face pressed close to your soft
lips as you waited for me to draw
it from your mouth.

Slowly, you would yield the smoke
as eyes slowly close, we shared
what lovers do so often pressing
nose to nose.

I know it is not a perfect thing,
I refuse to be offended, offense
is a relative thing by those who
refuse to mend broken fences.

When you left it was the pain
that losing could suddenly bring,
were we lovers or even friends
your phone would nightly ring.

Torn away, I imagined your
beautiful innocence as like
a child dazzled by the white
light you continued towards it
with glee, no more hurts, pain,
uncertainty or strife this world
no more will see you sing.

How joyous might be the reunion
as a new voices aids the angels,
so pure now of thought you
understand all, even to why
I was musing.

The pundits claim after the fact
they knew that you were losing,
or was the pain too much for your
fragile body that even Earth knew
it was your own choosing.

I see you again and my heart lifts
as again the world needs cleansing,
will we ever hear a voice like yours
again that can burn with beauty as a
fire than can be singeing.

Missing Us

I wandered the empty parks, normally filled

with joyous shouts and laughter seemingly

now just lines that seem upon paper-tick marks.

I visited the favorite shop for where ice

cream we did stop in Woodbury at The Mood,

now seems it has latched on to me and

shattered my joy, spoiling even the

taste of the smallest bite of food.

I sought refuge in Breezy Point, where I hiked

to its Tip, wondered would you weep if upon its

edge my foot did slip.

Fire Island as on a beach you lay back with

your hair spread like angels wings upon the

noon day sand. My fingers traced the curve

of your face, now seeing nothing more than

hints of your beauty, vague images –

I hurriedly quit this place.

To the Sunken Forest I flee now shattered heart

perhaps in a mire I might bury your memory and

myself too, even the quicksand tells me with the

burden of my misery – I will not have any of you.

Where to turn, in the alleys of West Babylon

I sought out fights, my visage must be terrible

as even the thugs made excuse to be out of

my sight.

This to receive as near as I must a punishment

for my slight of you.

Would not the oceans depths claim me as a

a permanent friend, would not your love slice

through the ribbons of my self-induced chagrin.

Perhaps back to Fire Island and its lighthouse,

stoic and tall perhaps a favorite of lovers who

seek darkness with some light, as upon my chest

you snuggled and giggled from earthly delights.

Hear a click of the lock then another and

another if my imagination holds true,

scrambling towards the top as the mighty light

turns unlocking the window and upon the round

I do stand, as before me lay sand embraced by

water so cold and deep – during day so peaceful

and blue, now, like the love in my heart lacking –

filled with holes like worm infested wood.

Perhaps you misunderstood my joy of a

chanced meeting with a newly found – thought

lost friend or perhaps the distance does, at

least for the time, lay claim upon two souls.

I see a dark abyss where once a beautiful light

shown – your face i see captured beauty,

your eyes a radiant goodness burning as pure

as the sun,

your lips beckon to meld and for that moment be

as one,

your hair as throw or roof that accepts my face

or covers us both with its beauty,

your ears that accepted my nibbles, pleas

of love, and were able to hear and to comfort

my doubts,

your hands found the best I could offer, while I

caressed and kissed yours,

your love that I valued and depended upon for

strength, for steadfast support that was strong

for your heart when it weakened,

your resolve as you stood by me before as we

sought to make a difference in our crumbling world,

your power to heal my heart when it was broken,

or massage it to health when it faltered from sorrow.

Perhaps all that is needed as the powerful divide

of the light plunged me into darkness – a quick step,

hold my breath as the embrace of sand brings forth

my last sleep.


life marks us all.

life demands all but asks for nothing.

life finds our glaring weaknesses and brings out our most hidden strengths;

life challenges us by the minute, tasks us on the hour, and grants us little or no reprieve by the day.

life gives us our own reasons for declaring we are here and staying, not for the moment to rise, burn brightly, then drop as rapidly back to earth as falling magma or volcanic rock, disappearing forever into Earth’s embrace.

life decides not that it is the way of we, a people, who have long entertained and pondered the eternal heavens;

life ordained that we were not granted the insight or mental abilities to say yes to the first word as we understand and thus consider done our march toward the eternal search for truth.

life provides – i see answers; yes. but they are not mine to accept as being one true way, but rather a series of truths to be constructed together, pondered, debated; then accepted.

life determines that it consists of knowledge, passion, curiosity, steadfastness, singleness of purpose, love, humor, wants, fear, anger, dread, peace, tact;

the list might continue unabated.

Just For A Summer Moment


Rushing about, duties multiplied, not one
could help me upon my present task, help
not coming, one need not ask.

Bleak skies give way to waters fury, as
wind tears at my clothing.

Against my ears I hear the buffeting of
wind, head down – avoiding injury.

I round a corner and I see you, adorned
in blue, beautiful – the color of sky or
its reflection from the waters of a
hidden lake.

I see flowers framed against blue,
your soft skin glows with an
iridescence, radiant, hair dark and
framing your face as it would live
upon an artists canvas.

Just as the painter placed beauty with
brush upon his miracle creation; so you
exist from your parents.

Your very movement is frozen, as time
must pass for its duty is set, day is
your ally sweet flower.

The wind suddenly has ceased, in my
mind, my heart, my body strains not as
though in an isolated dream my art
gallery visit led me to your beauty.

You gaze at me in your stillness,
beauty living, as though i found a
secret alcove, exposed to the viewer
for the first time. Can you be mine?

Is “we” perhaps in our future?

My heart is yours – if you bless me
as your chosen.

Modest Beauty

Low slung shoes were dark
brown with the sides open
towards their heels, her pale
skin complimented the brown
covering the rest of her body.

Practical heels were topped
with bows at the toe, and her
foot cleavage was delicately
peeking from beneath
cinnamon colored hose.

She was adorned in a lovely
violet print dress of white, pink,
blue, and yellow flowers. Her
rich black hair was full, thick,
trimmed and prim.

She was in line ahead of me
and I longed for a picture of
her to add to the mental image
that I even now hold dear.

I don’t recall seeing her face
Modest Beauty, a cart ahead
of me. I wondered as she
seemed to shift slightly on
low delicate heels, if she
kicked them off, upon her safe
return home.

I wondered if young hands
with eyes filled with love
reached for Mom – as a
spent and grateful sitter
cashes out for the week.

Perhaps suspicious eyes
keeping past displays in
check, hug Mom, then
quickly volunteer to help
unload, gather and put
away the purchases – from
a by now, equally suspicious

Ah, here it comes;

before asking to go to the
latest released movie with
friends for the evening.

A grateful Mom, of course,
down time – Mom time, get
it while you can. Yes. Have
fun, I know where you are at
all times – okay. MoM. Good.

Perhaps you work indoors for
a very professional group, or
were you seeking work – dressing
to keep your interview in the mind
of the management.

I know not for them, but you
have cemented your impression
Modest Beauty upon my heart.

The Dream That Is You

The Dream That Is You

I have waited too for you to
embrace me my friend.

I have visited you, every
evening and covered you
with my love.

I have opened doors for
your friends and to my
chagrin also enemies that
use me to do their nefarious

Twilight, while neither friend
nor enemy does witness their
actions and have overheard their
plans, plots, and even treachery;
as they seek only profit or pleasure.

I do not believe any of them has right
to mock you, or raise a hand against
you in any way.

Think on the bee, who while bearing
a formidable weapon, his or her task
is to faithfully serve their queen.

What manner of love, dedication,
and faith does one carry in mind
and heart. Who but for the
passionate few will risk all and
remain in loves stead for
years over years.

Why is this singleness of
purpose not marked in the
pages of a great book.
Is it because, it is marked on
the ribbon of time that stands
as a silent testimony to reason.

For no other than this, often
the enemies are bewildered
and frustrated in their attempts
to castigate or stifle what they
themselves do not really control.

I move rapidly upon them to
thwart and stymie their most
detailed plans.

Look upon them quietly and intently
seeing them stumble about and lose
coordinated time for their deeds,
is sometimes pleasurable to
witness–mind, I do not wish the
innocent ill, and I go out of my way
to see that help is not hampered
nor denied.

But, those who have plotted
and I have witnessed them at
your door and they do well to
not make you unhappy, cause
should they do so and to them
I say only this:

Fear not my love, they will pay,
least they raise a hand against you,
because —

My love for you will not falter…ever.

Signed: The Night

I Am Your Compact

She looked at me and smiled.


Is it possible for a compact case

to fall in love?

I gazed at her total beauty.

“You look awesome, dear.” I could
feel her body heat as she drew me
near to her face. I longed to kiss
her soft red lips. Eyes closed now,
might I steal a tender — she rubs
her eye shadow as I gaze at her
hair and ears.

Still a kiss is a kiss.

She closes the lid and walks away
from the dresser. Darkness.

I have watched, as a youth, you
fumbled through your Mom’s purse until
like magic, precious grubby little
fingers seized me.

Mom’s treasured possession, again,
for the day – yours.

I’m excited, as I imagine our day
together. you – unlike your mom,
gratefully leave me open.

This allows me to view the world
outside, with the great sky, radiant
and so blue; sunshine so gallantly
yellow-white and true.

If I could escape forever into the
world beyond, who might choose me as
their betrothed, as near to face, as
any loved one;

I shudder to think of places I might
end, with mirror cracked, powder
gone – except for the edges; my
usefulness; is over I am quite done.

A sudden lurch frees me from my dismal
imaginative wade thru misery; my
usefulness far from over as my mistress
enjoys her beauty and finery.

Should this not be, as I see most
often curvaceous lips, turned into
playful puckers; as we prepare to jaunt
into the city – a place of excitement
and fun or for some, a place where we
intrigued the truckers.

I have heard, but not witnessed where
great Queens hold me in high regard,
as even the dollar store sells my kin.
I am again one in all who enjoys such
beauty; my rewards are measured in your
use of me to perform my duty.

Sights I often see, such marvels of
beauty, lips so beautiful and in
multitudes of colors, hues and stuff,
from sensuous gloss to stark black
semi-gloss cuties;

so much of what I am ensured success,
facing a world where some actually
gauge looks as a measure, should
release the old paradigm of how the
World measures beauty.

Only those of limited human scope
would allow a panel to exercise
judgments of a woman’s beauty – I know
where from her beauty begins from the
very moment when she dons the mantle
of womanhood, thus it is, and ever shall be.

Her swell of her face to where her
mouth – matters not if her lips are
thin or full, soft not firm, or whether
natural swell towards the smile, or the
right events must actuate upturned beauty.
This will generate the path to true beauty.

Pursed or slightly parted desirous in their
element, rain – moist, tender and soft;
snow – dry, mostly turned in and sheltered,
or possessing a gentle blue hue.

Dampened by pool, pond, lake or ocean you
face and mouth are works of serene beauty.

My task is to show you, and in turn help you
realize the honor of your true attractiveness
and the reality of what you may become,
or of who you are.

Moon Burst

image-33Day touches your face even through the
night sky, lonely though you must be
from so much time passing by.

Beacon of hope to travelers upon the sea,
for land travelers you might be loathed
for making their paths seen.

Darkness rules the mane of your hair,
inky black a carpet of beauty upon
which you rest your head.

From a distance you seem clean
shaven, while close reveals stubble
and craggy the face that’s adored.

Many have desired to touch your
face, only few have done so and
returned unscathed.

Long is the fascination regarding
your beauty, foolishly marred as
though it is a duty, to poke, blast,
or drill as if its a right; not
protesting seen as if its alright.

Who stands with you to determine
what is good what is right, should not
your land belong to all citizens, and
should we as a whole determine who
jabs this or sinks that into your face
so old.

What’s Up Now

Laundry List:.

Covid-19 hospitalizations are increasing in number.

People are still refusing to wear masks while in public; Mask, Covid can travel suspended through the air—Down Wind Distance (DWD) people; wash hands, separation 6 feet—how hard is that.

SCOTUS Barrett, Amy Coney, the Honorable Justice. America waits.

America desperately needs real leadership; GOP: ask yourselves—have you failed?

Common sense leadership requires participation from party leaders, from new voters, from people who are not afraid to stand truth to power. GOP Senators and Democratic Senators along with all House Representatives to pick up where Newt Gingrich (1995 to 1999) shook both Houses and American Youth became highly interested in the Political Process.

America’s sin: standing mute while children were forcibly removed from parents or other relatives, without adequate tracking systems.

Be safe, wherever or whenever you feel you should.

What’s Up Now

Why are GOP leaders playing “Hot Potato” with American Democracy?

What role will history see as their complicity in the first or even second term of their GOP Leaders tenure?

Why are the American people being sold a false bill of goods as related to the US Economy, Race Relations, Militants, or Unfair Taxation?

Why is the GOP leadership in denial about constraints being levied to stop US Citizens from voting as in years past?

Why aren’t Law Enforcement receiving training in the use and scope of their non-lethal and when absolutely necessary lethal uses of force?

Granted and should as a US Citizen invoke “All Lives Matter, always.”


Second stanza

New Year;

 so it comes again…

hoping that the coming will be better than the last…

* terrorists and religious zealots have inflicted pain upon thousands will continue unless nations join to stop the march toward more suffering…

* people will allow others to live out their lives without strife…

* countries will not be oppressed by other countries because of some slight decades ago…

* neighbor will not begrudge neighbor because of some perceived indignity or fear…

* man or woman will not abuse children, women, or men just because

of some desire to enhance his or her ego…

* that governments which are to serve the people do so without the desire for dictatorship…

* that these same governments created by the people do not become a power within themselves…

* governments duly created by the people work to serve the people without regard to religious values, or racial lines…

* while these values may seem just; religious leaders, must teach and they themselves learn to open the way toward acceptance of differing viewpoints regardless of racial or religious values…

* religions do not make a people rather the people come to accept their religious values for themselves…

* religions must come to understand that any religion that is perceived to be the worlds only true way of accepting GOD yet practices barbarity against innocents, women, and children alike is heinous…

* man who has perverted religion for self serving power or corrupting desires is as evil and polluted as the believers who prescribe wholeheartedly to the sadistic controls over women and children…

* wars will come, but targeting innocents or using those same innocents for shields must cease…

* people suffer long after the war is over…

* mental pain and the anguish of broken homes and lost loves will only breed more anger and depression…

* loss of loved ones will create a desire to cling unnaturally to those left behind…

* children and human beings need space, when this is circumvented for personal desires normally hurt is usually the end result…

* civil war is possible, anywhere…

* is civil war necessary, nations who will not talk and accept often self-destruct…

* will it be between those that have and those that have not…

* will the US ever face a military coup…

* will the people ever take to the streets and demand a government that is fair and just…

* is the time for a division within the nation between those who are soft on crime versus those who are tough show themselves fully to be identified…

* why is it that our laws allow criminals to flee from justice after they are apprehended and booked by judges intent upon circumventing the rights of the victims of those same crimes…

* what is the basis of a judicial system that because the cries of the victim are not always heard or even those whose DNA is evident at the scene are given bail at all…

* who allows judges that serve on the bench to damage the judicial process but still walk away with fat retirement packages…

* why must elected officials openly strive to fatten their districts with pork while children and seniors suffer in America because of limited access to health care…

* why are government officials not held in check by their peers when clear ethics violations occur against the very constituents they are entrusted to serve…

* some businesses have learned to focus on profits and not the protection of the public who entrust their lives to the safety of the products they purchase…

* innocents have lost their lives due to the lack of oversight by which

producers through poor quality control are not holding the business owners and managers who are aware of unsafe activity responsible for the shattered and lost lives because of inferior or poorly tested products that are released into the market; our states and federal regulatory agencies must be held accountable…

* this scratches the surface the rest is up for all to debate, dismiss or ridicule…enough said? *

Where is America?

I felt as though you were speaking to me as I translated this into America. 
Once mighty due to its dialogue of freedom for all, now a rusty machine in need of a tuneup going uphill or desperately in need of new brakes heading downhill and gaining speed. 

I see and hear daily that the America I served is being torn apart with pieces scattered in the wind. 

There is Asia and its nuclear weapons holders—Russia, China, Pakistan, India and North Korea. It was once envisioned that America’s lands were too vast and necessary to make radioactive—I do not subscribe to this theory any longer. What with cleaner nuclear weapons and biological weapons a defeated America would probably turn upon itself. 

Mighty America, the sleeping giant has awakened, over taxed itself, and with pollution within and from without is sliding toward an abyss of its own design. 

If we could ask some of the fallen leaders who chose Tyranny over Democracy, Despotic ego laden behavior over common sense, where might they instruct our leaders to redouble their efforts or seek compassion for their subjects. 

When I hear talk about a Wall, where are Americans going to scurry to if the nuclear weapons fall upon American lands. Who will stand with a misguided America should the “balloon pop”.  

Stands to reason when policy is being dictated by uneducated leadership then I hope against the “End being Nigh”. 

Zeyya, My Kenya

Mombasa…my love grows

As her beauty touched my heart like the sight of her brown skin,

I sought her lush greenery and crisp ocean waters,
I am hers, she is mine, touch not her former torments because as does the mother suffer in childbirth so does her loving and beautiful reward emerge,
I hear the beautiful call to prayer for those faithful and sense the other choices made by others who believe–their business all,
Sand and ocean proclaimed loves healing waters and intense sun as up on Bamburi Beach the waves and tides chased and taunted visitors and family,
Just as the beauty of Tudor Creek with its octopus shape is lost on day visitors do the citizenry love its long grasses that move as people who progress through fog to begin their day, or imagined as spirits whose tattered and rotted burial shrouds wave gently and reach to touch all living, perhaps in hope of a rebirth or memory to share,
Languish not upon the Umba River for there are times when it will widen and hurl all from its shores to places unknown or as of yet undiscovered,
Feast upon beauty my Zeyya for not as much of yours as I have compared to your land visited up on my heart and now cemented thus.