i awaited your passing with hope,
the honor of my people is to wish
long life and a clear path to walk
my desire for you overwhelmed
my judgement and i encouraged
my brothers to grow in your path
i grew daily knowing your way
and encouraged my kindred to
do the same. we grew rich and
plentiful in your honor, you smiled
knowing my gesture to be one of
desire and longing. my frustration
you noted and chuckled about;

as your journey became longer
did we cover your path deeper and
deeper with our love.

one day in weariness you could walk no further and lay down upon us spent exhausted. at your touch we trembled and rejoiced. we feel the warm, tender softness of your skin upon our up turned faces. we gloried and released our most
wonderful fragrance as we gave up our hold on this life; 

we honor your very touch. your gentle stirring was a reason
for our desire.

my hold upon this life was ebbing away, i could not bear the weight of the one i loved. 

i am but a flower. 

my end is most certain, my rebirth is predetermined and assured by my spirit family and the insects that ensure my return. 

i can always love you again and again. my hope is that you will return that which i give so freely.