The little country with heart

  Once upon a time there was a little country, the people    in that country believed that they were entitled to the same rights as everyone else , but a meany  country decided to use their country as a vacation     spot for its own people   without consideration of the inhabitants who rightfully lived there  .
Since they wanted to keep this a  from the world why not create a pretense   so that  while the world  they could create a group of henchmen  , who would act as a watch  and perform their bidding when commanded to do so.
The world     talked in knowing terms and in hushed corners and was not really interested in what might happen to this  so while the world pretended to  and while the storm clouds of  built toward the people of the country who refused to bow down and become modern day slaves  all countries turned away or slipped away in the   as the          were unleashed upon the      much pain and suffering were thrust upon the brave people who would not pass quietly into the . They rose against their oppressors and fought gallantly, though many were  and much was lost.
Their once beautiful city the envy of all the world lay in ruins, people went through it all as best they could and the    marveled that life     could go on amid the  and strife; however the people of this country are strong, resilent and patient  . Think not for a moment that they are    this is not to be so  minds unified toward one goal and  ever toward that goal. The bullies have a long way to go in making that land into their own.