i adore you

you are a jewel and i care for you dearly.

i adore you,

i wish i could be the answer to every question,

the relief of every ache,

the reason for the smile on your face,

the wind that moves your hair,

the rain that falls upon you and runs down your cheek,

the passion that moves you to love,

the strength that keeps you going,

the relief for every pain,

the joy washing over every sorrow,

the strength you require when the day has proven too much,

the patience that you have for those you love,

the love that keeps you being there for your family,

the honesty that you show every day as an example of how to live,

the determination you have to live daily in our uncertain world,

the love and comfort you have for your friends,

the knowledge that your family encouraged you to learn,

the gratitude for the teachings of your parents,

the reflected image of how you are living now,

steadfast, just and loyal to your friends when uncertainties cause you to waver,

i would be so honoured as to meet, and share a tender moment,

i could be the sweater you don when the chill winds arrive,

the laughter of yours spreading across the room to touch everyone,

the lips that tenderly touch yours,

i might be the caress against your bare shoulders,

the flowers that you put your face against to enjoy,

i could be the sand that your bare feet have touched,

the hair that falls across your eyes so you would touch me often,

i might be the guardian while you sleep,

the gift of peace when the world has shown nothing but hatred,

i offer so much but can in turn encapsulate all with i adore you.

as the sun rises,
as the moon sets,
as the winds mourn,
as the earth breathes fire,
as the grounds tremble,
as the storm rages,
as life begins,
as life slowly ends,
as we go about our daily toil; my love will never waver,

though my voice falters with age and my body begins the long descent toward my next adventure, my love will never waver,

when endless time makes its final demand and the payment must be rendered, my love will never waver,

as the days flee as though pursued and our questions seem more but all are not answered, my love will never waver,

if your heart is won by another, my love will never waver,

many have been the kingdoms won and lost for the love of a woman, fewer i think for the love of a friend.

i say this for me, you are dearly loved.