one day away

she invited me for a day at the park,
of this moment in time i had a chance
to see her for the first time as a gift
not yet opened. darkest of hair strays
over her eyes my desire screamed hold
her time soon expires.
her soft full lips the gift of her mom,
i thought be correct first, when i should
take her in my arms, while looking
intently in her eyes, half lidded not
closed and smothered her with kisses
so hot and bold.
the old folks would scoff, he is a brash
young snot; the elders would think his
manners forgot. all would smile within
at the plight of the young lovely miss,
whose embarrassed outrage they are
sure is deeply remiss.
she should smack him or scream for
help some pondered, some thought
how beautiful she looked a new bride
they wondered; her tears some figured
were shed with joy as finally no games,
not toying, but relief, as the flooded
park would tell;
now why did he not ask as reality slowly
returned he wondered, a small kiss on
her cheek would she call me a thief, thus
breaking this self made spell.
i created this, my desire for her grows
while i sit mute as my moments roll on,
toward the next pause in the play of our
friends thus sealing my fright when i
desire to touch her again and again.
she is in my mind, i can not sleep but
to see her face, i can not rise except to
pass her face in my thoughts.
where does she lie left right or curled
remembering thoughts of her mom’s
days of carry…is her hair tangled or
rolled, her pjs torn or new;
does she know where she is in my heart,
i must ask someone, i must know, does she
know what i feel inside…i hope so i hope