the sun kissed the earth today

the sun kissed the earth today
the sun kissed the earth today, i know i was there
as the mist slowly fled from the coming warmth,
as the small animals arose from their dens, and the
large animals sought sanctuary in their caves and
onward she bore down to her lover the earth, she
needed it as much as she provided for it;
the universe can be a very lonely expanse without
a friend to share the time;
the sun kissed the earth today, i saw with my own eyes
with all of the dignity of a head of state meeting
an old friend in public but wrestling and good natured
ribbing behind closed doors;
the sun knew that for as long as she lived she would
have a stalwart friend and a trust that would share her
doubts when weak, and enjoy a victory dance of jubilation
when ecstatic;
the sun kissed the earth today, the spirits were there;
those that exist in this fabric of time and are the guardians
of this small lump of soil, water, fire, and wind they were
intrigued by the sun’s show of affection, though all knew
when love is shown as warmth toward the beasts that
walk crawl and move about the forests, oceans, plains,
and mountains;
as a healer and comfort to all humans that move about
this great achievement, a marvel of love to all humanity;
the sun kissed the earth today, the flowers grasped her tightly
in their brilliance, colors as a multitude of flashes from the
ocean – magenta, yellow, teal, cobalt blue, aquamarine blue,
green, white, purple, orange, tan, pink, gold, olive, umber,
red and yellow ochre, brown…a fantastic display of love;
even the great trees stood back in order to humble themselves;
when as upon a carpet of honor, the sun kissed her love…the earth.