The Heart Of The Rose

most hidden, last seen
does nature’s beauty hide her secrets;

when the green bud sprouts against
the elements of nature in a fight to survive;

hold close, while buried within the
veils of modesty does she wait;

until the time when her love springs forth,
just as the dance that awakens her lover;

then we as kindred spirits enjoy the passion
of its furious bloom, but still holding fast to
the guarded heart;

only then when the veils have fallen away,
are we rewarded with the visage of what once was,
but will come around again to lift our spirits;

as does the rose, her beauty and future lie within her heart.


2 thoughts on “The Heart Of The Rose

  1. Thank you, kindly. I have a scary one, but it is in two parts. I do not know if that is what you like but, if you wish to read it. Let me know.

  2. i enjoyed this one.

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