My Jeweled Rose

My Jeweled Rose

These eyes first beheld the beauty before me,
my thoughts were just a few;
strangely reminded of a woman in Rosa’s Cantina
whom Marty Robbins spoke of in a tale in El Paso
that took the lives of just two.

These eyes that flashed from a face framing
such beauty, dark and inquisitive, sparkling and joyous;
eyes expressing laughter, pearl white teeth shining
as light lent its aura on her person wondrous.

These eyes gazed upon loveliness manifest, framed
with hair that radiated umber hues;
my heart spun out of control, I steeled my judgement
to hold fast least I scatter my emotions before her
as a member who pays his dues.

These eyes beheld her as would a dumbstruck school lad
upon meeting a beautiful teacher might stumble
about for days lost and confused;
just as I feel right now my mind tempered with passionate
desires and endless fires burning inside my chest threatening
to consume me.

These eyes trembled with pleading,
come to me sweet dearest where we will embrace as lovers,
dancers, minds closed to all else spinning about
faster and faster not knowing who’s leading.

Pledge loyalty as mine and I for you, leave us not
to whisper in shadows as this is not what dreams
are made of, nor will such do.

Just please be mine, pleasant starlight,
if you are willing and music will become
ours for loves eternal healing.

Poetry Thursday.