I saw the dark tousled locks as
they bounced with every step;
I hoped that the dark eyed beauty
would be she who rippled my emotions
until I wept.

I could not see your face, the
continuous movement of the crowds
was at a furious pace.

I only know and this was true,
you had long held sway binding
away for a future day my endless love for you.

I am not offended by this burden
of desire,
remembering our embraces which
I still feel should have lasted for hours.

I am not ashamed at the whirlwind of
thoughts I am fighting to control,
with each dark curl moving to and
like the member of a dance team
who knows where each person goes.

I saw and felt your round face,
the stolen hugs we shared were
a shower of grace.

I could not steady my legs,
having fallen in to the power of
your spell;
I grasped the railing tighter and
tighter wondering if this dizzying
weakness was what the leapers
sense before throwing away their
lives to oblivion without a yell.

My heart stumbles and I happily
except any comeuppance that is
since it was I alone who in a headlong
rush became hopelessly entangled in

Forget piety, ignore convention and
the social norm, I think displaying my
love for you before all would be considered
bad form.

I could taste your perfume still as though
a part of my life, I can still feel your body
pressed against mine, the warmth from your
neck beautiful, the hair cascading

I feel you breathe, chest rising and
falling, I am comforted seemingly
secure, sheltered and safe, I have
found my nirvana, no longer is there

I can close my eyes when I embrace
you feeling myself drowning in the
passion I have created, like a clear
dark pool that awaits my body slipping
under my final prayer is that
I hope, never found.

Turning for another glance, I see the curls
bouncing like wayward children
each to his own, my heart beating faster,
my breath can’t keep up, my
grip on reason is long past due;

the crowds thin for a moment and
the tousled hair is in full view, rounded face
with alluring eyes turn my way as lips part
with a beautiful smile;

I return the smile and turn away so
my tears would not show, sadly
shattered, my heart in tatters;

it wasn’t you, it wasn’t you.

Poetry Thursday