I turned to the bar and you were there,
waiting patiently for your order to be
filled. I gathered my senses my heart
was light as a feather seeing you gave
me a thrill.

I wondered have you returned to walk
your path as it was destined for you.

Would it be crass, froward or rude if
I walked up and spoke to you two.

Would I upset your plans or the image
you wanted to set, if minutes I stole
were a few; might those who love,
protect, and provide for you understand
the depth of this view.

Why was I not there to please you that
night and show you the respect you were
due, perhaps to share numbers and explore
natures endless wonders, we might not be
judged harshly – say true.

You are here now at least your image is
here, beautiful, serene with poise.

walking with grace and dignity of place
your reality was fully enjoyed.

I wonder now where did you go, are our
futures slated to pass, or did fate
steal you away selfishly, once more,
and into anothers grasp.