It happened, love’s everlasting torque

upon my heart.
Did my witness realize my dilemma,
did the maze have me where every
opening was an escape that turned
in upon its self.
How many times looked I inward,
and memorize love, its entanglements
snared me again with footfalls and slippery
Not wishing to draw in another, I struggle
and again succeed in keeping my prize,
my love-you; safe from exposure.
I hoped that the agony was just when I
saw you – not true. It gets where I am
going always before I do.
I need not count my tears since they are
gone, now replaced with restless nights and
sorrowful songs.
I run to another opening, the doorway is large,
the light inviting. Perhaps I will find you there,
around the next corner.
It is noisy here, sometimes it’s frightening.
Your slight smile, lifts my spirit, and with a shift
of your head; encourages my heart to write the
things I should have said.
Though another corner is behind me while the
day turns to afternoon, then on toward evening
and nights hold is upon me again with its stalking
I can no more stop loving, searching and hoping
that at the next corner there you may stand, with
a smile upon your lips as you gently take my hand.
Twinkling eyes would explain all, the Maze has
ended, and the silence we share is loves sacred song.

Poetry Thursday.


Nights Sky

She could not see the end of her day, it seems as though every moment
is accounted for. She could not pause to kiss the first breath of the summer’s

Nothing was as important as doing. She reflected a moment on the joys
of Spring and how her blood would rush as though quickened with the fanciful
expectation of new friends and fleeting romances.

Of whispered stories of stolen kisses with the boy of Summer. She thought of
his beauty the same way that a young man would think on her. Close enough
to smell each others hair, clothing and wild eyed surprises of new ways of
touching and the joy and wonder that each delivered.

On days where the rain would catch her and her friends without cover and drive
them all into an open patio, there would they caress each other unashamedly or
at least pretend not to carry shame. Joy was the order of the day and fun the rule.

Nights spent playing tag until the right boy of Summer was found or allowing the
cravings of a new boy to surrogate for the moment with a heated stolen kiss,
followed by muted silence and friends concerned if everything was okay. They
would insist it was something they ate and her friends would gather around her
to see if she had done anything that might put her in that way. The word was not
spoken of even in jest.

Many hours would fly past and the passing of Summer arrive all too quickly and
turn round again toward school and the boys of Autumn.

Before The Rains

My heart emptied as the blood fell away
and splashed around my feet.

My course was set, as was yours, any words
said now would sound hollow, surreal.

But heard you not the sound of broken crystal,
as again it shattered like glass, sending forth
my unheard of message of love that will never pass.

Did you not feel the stirring of loves continued call,
as even the winds understood before the rains began to fall.

Your hair moved as you proceeded ahead, my steps
one for one with yours, desiring to walk beside you,
though – when in doing so might bring unabashed stares.

I responded to every movement you made, I desired to
place my arm around you and lead you to your destination,
though in doing this my joy would be unbounded.

Desiring to be close enough to feel the heat of your body,
if only near to mine; my empty cavity where my heart had
resided might mend its self for a moment in time.

The sheen of your hair, drew me as a nite creature to light,
your brief smile touched my spirit in multiple ways, there is
room not enough; or paper, that would lie flat, to reach from
Earth to Moon, which I could fill with words of my love for you.

I longed to bury my face in your hairs silken strands, to
breathe in your scent and become one with you.
Like two dancers, who for a few moments within the music
are spiritually linked.

Nestled in your hair – my face buried, loves journey partially

Your smell, your warmth, your glorious beauty; my heart
beating again at last – forgetting what was lost.

Life turned, I briefly lost you, and because of how I feel,
I could never inquire about you. But wonder I did about
life’s curious movements.

I must be satisfied with the moments I have, my heart
upon seeing you echoes how glad.

To see, be near, if even from a distance; the challenge
from my life: can I continue with daily resistance.

To Lose B’fore Having

Pray tell lil dove,

to lose b’fore having,
to miss the taste of your love as I would
enjoy sweet nectar as it cascades down my chin.

pain arcs along the heart as a streak of
lightning races across the sky
to ache in the soul most grievously.

terror of impending loss languishes
within every dark niche when walking
deserted city streets.

my heart, gone before the spirit can become
friends and enjoy passion as the artist within
grew and blossomed.

Dark Skies

Dark Skies

Searching your face with the most tender of expressions, my thoughts echoed within a vast empty arena. I found myself standing alone without a soul-save for the open expanse of sky that served as the very subject of my thoughts. You are not held accountable for the love that cemented itself within the complex chambers of my heart.
Love is the guilty party and myself for not directing it toward other pursuits.

I for one, am happy to be standing in this darkened arena alone and pondering upon my love of you and the richness of your beauty.

The dark sky swallows whole the details of your face, but within the skies depths are all that make up your awesome loveliness. Eyes as dark pools, within their depths are the birthplaces of universes. As I look skyward I can visualize their warmth and humor, nesting, as though awaiting the proper moment to burst forth as they do in an explosion of joyous gaiety. I see the power of their love and the trail of pain that exists veiled within.

We are all haunted by our pasts, and futures, that may shape our next decisions.
I feel the closeness of night skies awesome display above me and I see the same light that reflects from yours. Treasured remnants of nights passing lurk within their depths, when once renewed, are the brightest stars, while the flashes are those that are dying or having lived their time, flare brilliantly and for that moment are the attention of the heavens.
Darkness quickly absorbs their display and then like life, go out and then are renewed with another’s birth.

Vast clouds of beauty mark the start of another lifetime of wit, humor, kindness, intelligence, daring, frugality, and all tempered with compassion. These are the why and how could I love you.

My own frailties mark the shaping of why I am the person you see.
Only the night sky knows the answer of our time spent within this universe and for the moment it is mute. It is, as I reflect, perhaps ordained to hold its secrets until we are deemed aware enough to understand its majestic implications and the end results.

Street Touches

Running through the middle of the street, seems safer,

no shadows, less fear, the sense of pain no less i fear.

Running from the lie, peace not found; death does

not care if you stand up or lie down.

Running from the hurt, agony and dread, bullets

in the chest makes constant my blood that is shed,

as the body’s actions wind down, I whimper; No more

running for me, as i sink to the ground.

Street is wet from a newly fallen rain; the sweet taste

of the street is like nectar to my brain. Running down

the seconds like a childs wind up toy; my life ebbs from

my chest as water down the drain. Death is a friend so

close, and now there is simply no fear; for the end of my

life as it draws steadily near.

Running from the pain gave me no sweet relief;

anger, then hope, sorrow, finally; just total release.

So i fled for my life which was already taken. Running

was wise; for her it is why i died, so her kisses not tasted;

perhaps in another life might be mine.

does life owe us

does life owe us
what does life owe us? nothing.
where is the answer to life’s riddles? in our minds?
if this were that simple, i would be happy.
we see with our eyes,
hear with our ears.
we understand with our minds,
we taste life with our senses.
but, we learn, grow, and thrive
through the love in our heart.
hold fast to love because it is often like the mist.