Dark Skies

Dark Skies

Searching your face with the most tender of expressions, my thoughts echoed within a vast empty arena. I found myself standing alone without a soul-save for the open expanse of sky that served as the very subject of my thoughts. You are not held accountable for the love that cemented itself within the complex chambers of my heart.
Love is the guilty party and myself for not directing it toward other pursuits.

I for one, am happy to be standing in this darkened arena alone and pondering upon my love of you and the richness of your beauty.

The dark sky swallows whole the details of your face, but within the skies depths are all that make up your awesome loveliness. Eyes as dark pools, within their depths are the birthplaces of universes. As I look skyward I can visualize their warmth and humor, nesting, as though awaiting the proper moment to burst forth as they do in an explosion of joyous gaiety. I see the power of their love and the trail of pain that exists veiled within.

We are all haunted by our pasts, and futures, that may shape our next decisions.
I feel the closeness of night skies awesome display above me and I see the same light that reflects from yours. Treasured remnants of nights passing lurk within their depths, when once renewed, are the brightest stars, while the flashes are those that are dying or having lived their time, flare brilliantly and for that moment are the attention of the heavens.
Darkness quickly absorbs their display and then like life, go out and then are renewed with another’s birth.

Vast clouds of beauty mark the start of another lifetime of wit, humor, kindness, intelligence, daring, frugality, and all tempered with compassion. These are the why and how could I love you.

My own frailties mark the shaping of why I am the person you see.
Only the night sky knows the answer of our time spent within this universe and for the moment it is mute. It is, as I reflect, perhaps ordained to hold its secrets until we are deemed aware enough to understand its majestic implications and the end results.