Before The Rains

My heart emptied as the blood fell away
and splashed around my feet.

My course was set, as was yours, any words
said now would sound hollow, surreal.

But heard you not the sound of broken crystal,
as again it shattered like glass, sending forth
my unheard of message of love that will never pass.

Did you not feel the stirring of loves continued call,
as even the winds understood before the rains began to fall.

Your hair moved as you proceeded ahead, my steps
one for one with yours, desiring to walk beside you,
though – when in doing so might bring unabashed stares.

I responded to every movement you made, I desired to
place my arm around you and lead you to your destination,
though in doing this my joy would be unbounded.

Desiring to be close enough to feel the heat of your body,
if only near to mine; my empty cavity where my heart had
resided might mend its self for a moment in time.

The sheen of your hair, drew me as a nite creature to light,
your brief smile touched my spirit in multiple ways, there is
room not enough; or paper, that would lie flat, to reach from
Earth to Moon, which I could fill with words of my love for you.

I longed to bury my face in your hairs silken strands, to
breathe in your scent and become one with you.
Like two dancers, who for a few moments within the music
are spiritually linked.

Nestled in your hair – my face buried, loves journey partially

Your smell, your warmth, your glorious beauty; my heart
beating again at last – forgetting what was lost.

Life turned, I briefly lost you, and because of how I feel,
I could never inquire about you. But wonder I did about
life’s curious movements.

I must be satisfied with the moments I have, my heart
upon seeing you echoes how glad.

To see, be near, if even from a distance; the challenge
from my life: can I continue with daily resistance.