Sunshine Awakens Beauty

Night shrouds the beauty of the day;

blossoms closed against the nights decay.

Spirits move about endlessly searching,

while sleeping flowers are resting.

Darkness encompasses like the arms about a friend,
ensures the most basic need of desire without end.

To wayward night creatures darting to and fro,
a sense that bounty is near for those that glow.

Power of sunlight held deeply within flowers,
bugs alight but the visit is unnoticed by powers;
heralding only to the Sun whose breath is a blessing.

Like the Night and the creatures against which the flower
endured was but an interlude, a testing.

Poetry Thursday


Painted Princess

Painted Princess

Your works I adore, there was a time
when I would implore, hold enough
you bear fruit galore, spirals and flowers and words, can you say more.

Birds of all manner, trees, and mighty implements of war, regardless of these it’s your soft skin I want more;
to touch, breathe upon, enjoy it through taste, painted or plain for goodness sake.

It is you sweet treasure, who answers my hearts desire, love is the bog in which I am contentedly mired.

People stand upon soap boxes and condemn and provoke, love is more powerful than pointing and jokes.

Wounded feelings give way to fierce pride, what the hey, let’s add a customized ride; forget that, lets opt for an awesome machine, how bout’ a battleship in a bubble bath of green.

There are times before my eyes some of the tats best beauty comes when the owner must hide, a peek of color is exciting to see, coupled with soft skin what an amorous scene.

Painted Princess, I would serve you anywhere, whether tattooed or not
hearts desire you set it on fire, with the strength of your mind, your moments of weakness, your determined stance; life’s eloquent dance, mark my heart in an instant;

Yet, when I hold you darling tatted lady
you are forever, my painted princess.

Lovely Beauty

Lovely Beauty

Her steps measured, the softness of
her silken hair, adorns her worn majestically.

Her smile a tender mystery, lends
a sense of Mona Lisa’s smile that has
spanned timeless over centuries.

Eyes a dark golden hue, draw all who
chance to peer into them a view.

Of passion and a love of life, for your
family and friends, all is true. Life
lends itself to moments that suddenly
claim due.

As daily adventures create a new
set of challenges in life. Your daily
tasks give balance, in a world beset
with chaos and strife.

Days you might spend looking out
the window imagining, what if,
till your body seeks and finds
slumber with its blessed surrender.

Perhaps you might see yourself in
the rain, wondering why life chooses
to deliver untimely pain.

Ah, seeing the gifts you have around
you, energetic loved ones, or friends
who can be called upon to lend an
ear, or a willing heart.

By definition you have all things,
owing to GOD’S blessed generosity.
Because of HIS Master Plan, a lovely
beauty came to be.

I am pleased to be one whom from
time to time is honored to share the
printed word with you.