Reflections For A Moment

My Mind Reflected

just for a moment…

golden hair like that of some god in Greek
mythology, would I have served this beauty
as their bearer, perhaps, and why not;

I was confronted with a graceful walk,
shoulders barely concealed under a tank
top, cargo shorts covered a beautiful tight
midriff, and deck shoes without socks or
hose completed clothing.

A lovely face with hazel eyes, a firm chin
with blushing cheeks and soft looking lips
made up the balance of the details, add to
this soft honey colored skin, sun kissed
and almost begging caress me.

Did I wish to answer my fascination, perhaps,
or to just join in the spirit of the chase;
my imagination ran wild:

Feeling Not Myself

“Hair the color of harvest wheat, my heart
fluttered I felt dizzy I could not feel my
feet; my fingers climbed through hair soft
as down, my very touch caused this beauty
to open their world for exploring new

Touching gently the face of my new found
love, eyes slowly closed as a sleeping
dove; our lips pressed together, hardly
touching, then firmly feeling the ridges
as they swell from desire, then tongues
hesitant in their explorations, darting
about inside each others mouths.

Not without breathing, our ragged gasps
calmed and then became one;bodies firmly
pressed together, seeking not to be outdone.

Looking beyond my imagination, I sought
refuge in the tender embrace, everything
was heightened, lips upon lips, very tender
and warm, my chest heaving, hands sought
each others necks to hold gently caress
sweetly, whispering loving sentiments,
soft pleas muted begging, warm legs I
caressed while nibbling and swearing.

I ought not to atone for any past mistakes,
I was determined not to cause anguish to this
beautiful form before me, I hoped to give a
multitude of joys when embracing again and
when touching stroking whispering sweet
truths, serving with joy our playful games,
who would think I did not know your name.

I was surprised when every touch excited
my body, every desire was quenched before
I remembered it was lost, I lay amazed and
giddy, grateful and elated because this
golden beauty opened my mind and heart to
loves passion.

It was your cat like grace I noticed first
your beautiful body attracted and riveted
my gaze; “guy you are truly beautiful.”



the exsistentialist sea

the first thought that entered into my mind was the strange sensation in my stomach, ugh! i’m going to be sick. what was this rocking and the smell of fish. it was everywhere. stop the blasted rocking, and the creaking, i gotta heave. so i did. right into my own lap. that woke me up and put a very positive spin on my current where bouts.

where do i get off pulling this crap. this boat is a major pain. it is creaking and rocking so as to make me want to puke. how did i get suckered into this bet in the first place. i had to have been drunk. come to think of it. i was drunk cause in no way would i climb upon this floating pile of timbers and cast myself upon the seas.

Whoa, whoa I was just joking…hey who turned off the gravity…
Gosh we are certainly up high-what the…hang on to something

Crash…mumbling. Where am I in the womb. Gently rocking. Rocking

Wake up wake up wake uupppp


Bail if you want to stay on this lifeboat…come to think of it neither would the other poor souls laboring like dogs bailing for all its worth like me to help keep ourselves afloat.

how, did this happen – what’s with the Mayan calendar any way. end of the world – anything to make a profit, Hollywood, Hollywood, you nummies.
ya pushed this upon us all, mock the Creator, mock the powers in this world – Bam, where’s the gravity, then a flipping thousands by thousands of tons of freighter, or battleship, floats off the water only to come crashing back to earth.

Now here we are bail laggards bail.

Gawd, I hate Hollywood.



I stood witness as the tears
began their trek down her cheeks,
nothing to stop them, or to ease
her pain, she spoke not of relief.

my heart was taken, my soul was

I felt I should do something, say
some words of comfort, try to massage
her unseen hurt, lift her face then
cupped in my hands and tell her forget

take all the time you wish, take every
measure to heal, your agony your pain,
should I tell how each time I walk
away from you, my heart shatters, is
broken and tattered as it bursts from
my chest and lies before me;

a million crystal shards scattered in
my path, as you weep openly, my silent
tears are strewn like footprints I leave
upon the sand.

I suffer every minute of every single
day, love is like a covered fence one
stumbles over in the brush while trying
to make ones way.

Your tears may touch the floor, or
even wet your chin, fear not, for i
also cry by hiding it with a grin;

if I lost my senses and for a moment
dropped my guard and rushed to
comfort you by kissing up the tears
and returning them back tenfold
by gently covering your mouth with
mine, whispering brave encouragement
as you have nothing to fear.

step carefully sweet lassie as the
folks in the old country might say,
this one is deeply in love with you,
see you pick your way round him
carefully, the crystal shards from
his broken heart every where do lay.

Sunlight So Bright

I envisioned.

My fingers traced softly over your
eyelashes, gently moved over the
ridges of your lips and tenderly
explored your hair, ears, and the
graceful contour of your neck.

Warm, supple and graceful – woman
by design is sensual charm, by GODS
power – wondrous beauty; not
from a soup from Earth’s beginning
such form not chanced, Life’s
miracle as though a rehearsed dance.

Humanity personified as

unique – songs, sonnets, and prose
remark about woman’s strength and charm;

vibrant – persuasive, diligent, insightful
hers is a kinder sweeter argument;

intelligent – thorough, determined,
her persistence is relentless;

tough – beyond her femininity, a sensitive
team player or rugged individualist;

motivated – beyond the imagination of

men, governments, and even religions,
and first children, gently, as she wishes;

kind – warm, strong, gentle, filled with

grace an enduring memory, the vision
of her face;

humorous – mirth, joy, and her tireless

laughter, problems become less of a
dilemma under her smile;

witty – a quip or Bible verse, a parable or long

forgotten rhyme, her memories she can share
span the length of preceding generations time;

adventurous – this proven and miracles
never end, she has climbed the highest
mountains, explored space and found
satisfaction in the deepest seas; or the
most difficult task, to raise her young;

peacemakers – seeking above all else,
until words fail;

warriors – then to battle as needed and
her desire to win is without match;

negotiators – seeking to mediate when
society or even home asks or demands;

judges – when peaceful existence can
not be met, she decides;

attorney – she is better defending, as
I would much rather have her beside
me than;

prosecutor – opposite me in the court
room or the living room, she has humbled all;

referee – she can see the truth often before
we have realized the why of
our argument;

all – woman is GOD’S vision, and
answer to complete our World.

Tidal Merger: Rain

Tidal Merger: Rain

Fall rains drag the cloud
earthward, and the snows may
soon follow, it was lowered to
Earth, as gracefully as the shroud
upon the dead. Perhaps this is a
stark reminder of the very essence
of creation.

Clouds have enjoined in the never
ceasing struggle with the very
moisture they are created from
and in turn help to impart back
to Earth.

Rising with the winds,
up; then, tumbling earthward,
only to have the process repeated,
then its weight as ice rushing
from the heavens above.

Only the warmer air far below
will dictate whether it is hail,
snow or rain, or perhaps upon
occasion fog, as the battle was
started and lost long before
earthward descent.

Falling slowly over time like a
water laden flower that gives up
its battle with the rain and yields
the open blossom that shrouds its
most tender secrets within. The
sweet nectar draws all whom
happen to pass near.

Touching, embracing, tasting;
then, savor the art of Natures
reproductive cycle.

This said the flower basks within
a timeless fabric of species
evolution – can this not be said of