Tidal Merger: Rain

Tidal Merger: Rain

Fall rains drag the cloud
earthward, and the snows may
soon follow, it was lowered to
Earth, as gracefully as the shroud
upon the dead. Perhaps this is a
stark reminder of the very essence
of creation.

Clouds have enjoined in the never
ceasing struggle with the very
moisture they are created from
and in turn help to impart back
to Earth.

Rising with the winds,
up; then, tumbling earthward,
only to have the process repeated,
then its weight as ice rushing
from the heavens above.

Only the warmer air far below
will dictate whether it is hail,
snow or rain, or perhaps upon
occasion fog, as the battle was
started and lost long before
earthward descent.

Falling slowly over time like a
water laden flower that gives up
its battle with the rain and yields
the open blossom that shrouds its
most tender secrets within. The
sweet nectar draws all whom
happen to pass near.

Touching, embracing, tasting;
then, savor the art of Natures
reproductive cycle.

This said the flower basks within
a timeless fabric of species
evolution – can this not be said of