I stood witness as the tears
began their trek down her cheeks,
nothing to stop them, or to ease
her pain, she spoke not of relief.

my heart was taken, my soul was

I felt I should do something, say
some words of comfort, try to massage
her unseen hurt, lift her face then
cupped in my hands and tell her forget

take all the time you wish, take every
measure to heal, your agony your pain,
should I tell how each time I walk
away from you, my heart shatters, is
broken and tattered as it bursts from
my chest and lies before me;

a million crystal shards scattered in
my path, as you weep openly, my silent
tears are strewn like footprints I leave
upon the sand.

I suffer every minute of every single
day, love is like a covered fence one
stumbles over in the brush while trying
to make ones way.

Your tears may touch the floor, or
even wet your chin, fear not, for i
also cry by hiding it with a grin;

if I lost my senses and for a moment
dropped my guard and rushed to
comfort you by kissing up the tears
and returning them back tenfold
by gently covering your mouth with
mine, whispering brave encouragement
as you have nothing to fear.

step carefully sweet lassie as the
folks in the old country might say,
this one is deeply in love with you,
see you pick your way round him
carefully, the crystal shards from
his broken heart every where do lay.