the exsistentialist sea

the first thought that entered into my mind was the strange sensation in my stomach, ugh! i’m going to be sick. what was this rocking and the smell of fish. it was everywhere. stop the blasted rocking, and the creaking, i gotta heave. so i did. right into my own lap. that woke me up and put a very positive spin on my current where bouts.

where do i get off pulling this crap. this boat is a major pain. it is creaking and rocking so as to make me want to puke. how did i get suckered into this bet in the first place. i had to have been drunk. come to think of it. i was drunk cause in no way would i climb upon this floating pile of timbers and cast myself upon the seas.

Whoa, whoa I was just joking…hey who turned off the gravity…
Gosh we are certainly up high-what the…hang on to something

Crash…mumbling. Where am I in the womb. Gently rocking. Rocking

Wake up wake up wake uupppp


Bail if you want to stay on this lifeboat…come to think of it neither would the other poor souls laboring like dogs bailing for all its worth like me to help keep ourselves afloat.

how, did this happen – what’s with the Mayan calendar any way. end of the world – anything to make a profit, Hollywood, Hollywood, you nummies.
ya pushed this upon us all, mock the Creator, mock the powers in this world – Bam, where’s the gravity, then a flipping thousands by thousands of tons of freighter, or battleship, floats off the water only to come crashing back to earth.

Now here we are bail laggards bail.

Gawd, I hate Hollywood.