Reflections For A Moment

My Mind Reflected

just for a moment…

golden hair like that of some god in Greek
mythology, would I have served this beauty
as their bearer, perhaps, and why not;

I was confronted with a graceful walk,
shoulders barely concealed under a tank
top, cargo shorts covered a beautiful tight
midriff, and deck shoes without socks or
hose completed clothing.

A lovely face with hazel eyes, a firm chin
with blushing cheeks and soft looking lips
made up the balance of the details, add to
this soft honey colored skin, sun kissed
and almost begging caress me.

Did I wish to answer my fascination, perhaps,
or to just join in the spirit of the chase;
my imagination ran wild:

Feeling Not Myself

“Hair the color of harvest wheat, my heart
fluttered I felt dizzy I could not feel my
feet; my fingers climbed through hair soft
as down, my very touch caused this beauty
to open their world for exploring new

Touching gently the face of my new found
love, eyes slowly closed as a sleeping
dove; our lips pressed together, hardly
touching, then firmly feeling the ridges
as they swell from desire, then tongues
hesitant in their explorations, darting
about inside each others mouths.

Not without breathing, our ragged gasps
calmed and then became one;bodies firmly
pressed together, seeking not to be outdone.

Looking beyond my imagination, I sought
refuge in the tender embrace, everything
was heightened, lips upon lips, very tender
and warm, my chest heaving, hands sought
each others necks to hold gently caress
sweetly, whispering loving sentiments,
soft pleas muted begging, warm legs I
caressed while nibbling and swearing.

I ought not to atone for any past mistakes,
I was determined not to cause anguish to this
beautiful form before me, I hoped to give a
multitude of joys when embracing again and
when touching stroking whispering sweet
truths, serving with joy our playful games,
who would think I did not know your name.

I was surprised when every touch excited
my body, every desire was quenched before
I remembered it was lost, I lay amazed and
giddy, grateful and elated because this
golden beauty opened my mind and heart to
loves passion.

It was your cat like grace I noticed first
your beautiful body attracted and riveted
my gaze; “guy you are truly beautiful.”