Within Arms Reach

Within Arms Reach

Sometimes the sweetest treasures are in arms reach,
during a jovial moment, sharing a humorous teach;

Often the best of life is within our sight,
when heralded before the coming night;

Come dawn and we may have experienced that which
is precious, or lost opportunity when time was not granted;

Throughout our daily tasks, we often temper current activities,
sometimes hampered by our abilities, till the door of knowledge
swings open to reveal-based on our experiences that have
granted us the wisdom to succeed where once we failed;

Toward evening when our cares have diminished, and family
and friends surround us, endearments bring joy and fulfillment’s
we can not measure;

Our heart is a complex organ that is at times most difficult to understand,
but it leads us to love, grants us courage, and enables us to
sacrifice that which we sometimes hold dear.

To Love, with its strange tendrils toward joy and heartbreak, always
tough, it is not enough to learn – as forgiving humans we are never
without hope as we endeavor to open that door and seek comfort
for awhile;

Courage, its strength is measured by our resolve to try, by our will to
persevere, and not give up the fight, for ours, for our hope, for our
way of being;

Sacrifice, it is the greatest of all traits, when we deny ourselves now
for the hope of a better future, when we tender the most precious
gift-time, to prepare for the coming trials and then because
of Love, Courage, and Sacrifice; we strive to Win.