Almond Creme

Almond Creme

Skin the color of almonds, highly
prized for one who chanced by.
Sorely pressed for time became I.

Your skin soft as down and radiated like light from above, your serene look was like heightened love.

On my knees I would implore you,
accept my touch, for without you I am but gathered dust.

See my soul as it twists freely in
the wind; carry this memory in your mind and next you are able place
your love to paper with pen.

You hardly noticed me if at all, our
encounter was brief it was a great hall.

Revelry was constant loud
unforgiving, while I wondered if I dared to question your means of living.

Your shoulders tweaking bare a beautiful tat was shown, as I garnered my courage to ask your name, though introduced, I forgot to my shame.

The soft creme of your shoulders
tantalized my senses, I felt I was
running along picket fences.

With the skin as pure as freshly fallen snow, my heart reached as
as high as I dared let it go;
for we are blessed to see with our
eyes, or feel as by touch, even to
taste your sweet loveliness before
my heart cries no.

Passion, not withstanding, many a brave fellow has come upon an embarrassed landing, when thinking
there was a field to play in; when a
kiss turned to land upon air and
this would be Romeo is left
alone standing.

Poetry Thursday.