My heart paused as you chanced upon the space, with relaxed ease and lovely gait you sit with regal grace.

Though not a word was spoken aloud, my platitude of love was like a shout above the crowd.

Not a sound was spoken but was it true, did I sense the seed of love emanating from you.

A flicker of beautiful lashes was all that it took, my heart was ensnared like bait on the hook.

Happily captured my emotions spiked with joy, ran thru imagined fields of wheat; though dizzy, I traversed walls
of icy snowy peaks.

I remember the embrace, our
embrace. Remember, the stolen
moment; an embrace of adoration
like a bubble suspended in time.

Just two people, one with a momentary need, perhaps seeking comfort, or
sharing a similar seed;

captured in the mind of one, and
cemented into the heart of the other.

Both, fused in that moment, feeling
nothing surrounding them, save,
for that bubble in time;

How deeply did the reach of love
extend into my heart why is
love’s constant thrust an ever
present spear in the depths of my

Why do I wish to stand about
expectantly, waiting for the call;

Why the pangs of loss, when only
hours have passed, the hunger like
something gnawing away at the
mind, chews at the senses, tense,
yet, a constant apprehension, for
an answer, the right answer;


every sound is a discordant
tune rising in decibels with its
silent sound.

My feelings lost now, in our
moment, secure as the molecules
that bind the diamond-beautiful,
same as you, ever in the forefront
of my life’s path, a never ending
passionate journey.