Fabulous Mystique

Fabulous Mystique

Eyes capture all events, treasured
beauties that aroused my heart to
amorous intents;
needless platitudes rain upon me
from the very start, I taste loves
mysterious flavor from its very
I stand at the topmost landing and
I have a choice, turn away and
ignore my hearts pull; or close my
eyes and fall forward down the
stairs and into loves wondrous
What comes with my descent:
sometimes the way of love is
beset with:

uncertainty tempered with joy – we
embraced for the first time; we needed
each others physical comfort
for emotional reasons, my face pressed
against hers; why does she allow me to stay
pressed face to face (I wondered on this, her
face was soft, her warmth was intoxicating)
I reflected all in my mind, just as I sank into
the depths of her beauty – I did not want to
let go of her in my heart, though, the status quo
and prudence said let her go – we broke
from our embrace.

pain countered with wisdom – our
relationship grew, outside factors
influenced how I felt about what I
determined to be love; forces I could
not realize would shape daily the
balance of love and hurt.


My silly heart would not let go, I’m
being bruised and bounced about
by events as they unfold like a
beautiful silken scarf, so beautiful
are they when they pass close by,
or toss me a smile; I’m bobbing like
a tube upon a wide flowing river.

Events seem to make everything
fall into place – they are there, my
love is inside me bubbling up and
about to make the lid pop off, when
our friend reality awakens and
puts a stop to our minds playful
meandering. Silly heart I cry, just
beat and leave me alone; that is
not to be because loves tumble
can be horrifically agonizing.

Sleepless nights, painful days, and
all the same you do what you must
to survive, to keep busy, to try and
hold back the pangs of love as it
sears into your soul and threatens
your very existence.
“Heart, just beat please. No not pause,
I’m sorry heart
we need each other, this we
both are aware. Why when I see them
do I turn into jello inside, why do I
go mute, not wishing to spoil the
moment by saying some thing, come
heart I’m talking to you.”
Thump, thump. “Hiding are we;

peace balanced by war – I did not
understand the extent of the
emotional bond that love would
allow to manifest itself, that such
a tender shoot that can force its
way thru a newly paved street, can
become devastated from the first
hailstone that might chance to
strike it.

chaos calmed by logic – some times
the turmoil from outside can shake
the very foundation, that two
people strive to make work, little
occurrences can become avalanche
threatening to engulf loved and lover
in a maelstrom of pain and

tears overcome by mirth – suffering
sometimes silently, must be brought
to a standstill; love is an amazing
endearment, and a testament to
our humanity; keeping each other
happy can not realistically be
accomplished every day, if there
is a moment to smile; enjoy sharing
it; know of a goofy joke try to
share – you are at least giving of

and remember;

loneliness can be held at bay by friendship.

As I descend, I tumble head over
heels, painful as it is, I am totally
aware that there are enjoyable
periods and for some, these can
carry over for years.

Given, I am painfully aware that not
all things are meant to be – so here
we all stand; perhaps longing for her
or him. Possibly imagining with him or
joyfully embracing her – we all at
some time will stand upon the landing
deciding whether we turn away or
as we peer into the darkness as the
stairs fall away, do we notice the
light in the depths?

Love is beautiful, and we, are only human.

Poetry “heartache” Thursday ❤