She Waits

She Waits

Upon a crystal bed she sits
on a blanket of green; her
beauty has drawn millions
like waves and sights unseen.

She has opened her arms to
expose her beautiful face, as
though she bids come, look
upon me, touch me, caress me.

Her lovely features are the
wonderment of nations, she
is highly prized and protected.

Tender faced, like that of a
sleeping child, her love spread
arms wide to beckon, hurry,
time is short and her stay is
limited; love me now, worry
not on the morrow, for we
have now what lovers seek.

The bed is soft, is it not?
I am beautiful, deny this, no?
My arms are open wide for
you, yes; look into my face
come, closer, much closer;
better, touch me among my
thistles where many look
upon, but rarely enter. I am
yours, at this moment, I am
the answer to your needs.

Gently, tenderly as one might
a sleeping child, arms cradle
my face and I enter.

I am a master performer and
have improved on the places
where she is best suited to
provide me with the rewards
I seek; I in return, provide her
with a way to continue her
craft luring me, my brothers,
to do for her what she most

To love, cherish, and honor
her upon her crystal bed of


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