Tidal Merger: Lightening

Tidal Merger: Lightening

Blinding light ripped through dark
skies sending images of its visit
as echoes through my mind.

Clearly I see your smile as given
to me alone; locked away, but I
gave you mine in return;
I did not see if you placed my smile
in your heart; or did you file it away
as a passing occurrence, just as
the thunder follows the bolt of light?

I only know I can not deny what is
in my heart, I can push it aside; but,
as the peal of light ebbs, so the
thunder renews the desire, the
thirst of love.

I visualize the desire of love and
linked to your response, as the
need that fuels the junkie for the
next fix, subdued; for the moment,
the painful ache of longing.

Blinded by the reality of the
unharnessed destruction of each
bolt, the natural event is observed
and captured by camera, video or
the unfortunate eye witness or
even participant of its wrath.

Loving is not different, seen from
a distance, not overly hostile, but,
loosed overhead and the story is
more involved, directed towards
one – the results are engaging with
a potentially new adventure with
every strike.

Do we know of loves debilitating
effects? Only and after we fall
headlong into loves embrace, will,
if we can overcome; challenge every
test and walk hand in hand in love
facing any adversity or storm.

Do you walk with me or ahead of me?
is this question relevant in love; do
people not become more interesting
when they are allowed to breathe,
when their creativity is allowed to
overflow and inundate the humanity
and the relationship with adventures
large and small.

Worthy of love, are the unique
passions and personal relationships
that establish female-male friendship
and help to establish the fantastic
diametric which is the fundamental
foundation and framework of love.

Humanity, where our air is purified
by the high energy bolts arcing from
earth to sky, so is love polarized
and constantly renewing itself.

But, needing the strength and
weaknesses in our humanity to
establish separate roles and
expressions in a loving relationship.

Ah, but where is my love in this?

Search your heart, perhaps like
the lightening strike; it has passed.