Infinite Shadows

Infinite Shadows

Passing before my eyes, your hair dark as the depths of the universe. Light fell upon its beauty, bursting forth with colors, each strand dazzling universes with their individual suns living for nanoseconds only to be devoured by the rich blackness and quickly sealing away the mystery within.

My heart stumbled as I drew in this visage as reason melted away in sweet surrender as thoughts of joy while nuzzling with abandon those mysterious tendrils consumed me.
Now consumed with desire might I ask for the opportunity to touch, smell, manipulate and humbly submit to your beauty?

Passions flame emboldened while my reason wavered then slowed, while i ebbed in this sea of logic. Search I did for a sensible conclusion to a play written that might justify why my heart tortured me so.

She did not present herself to me, there was a lack of heroics on my part, we met not as an ocean wave breaking across the rocks, but did as the wave as it returns to sea. Look at the retreating water, notice how it is over the sand but quickly is absorbed until the water is no more and until the wave repeats the cycle.

She was not there, but when I opened my eyes like the next wave she was and I loved her from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet. My heart enjoyed my love for her,  and while she demanded nothing of me; we were seemingly destined.

I knew or rather hoped in the coming future this enchantress might reach out for me.