I’m In Love With Your Face book

I’m in love with her Face book

I found her before me as though by

Miracles will never cease, for
the time I can be alone with her, she
exists as mine.

I see her as purest beauty, the curve
of her chin to her neck, so softly, it
slopes to her shoulders. Ah, what
the heck.

Such marvelous wonders by natures
design, only a madman would deny
wishing she would share his time.

To embrace, to nuzzle, to comfort
or protect; being an understanding
ear when she needs it most.
Treasuring her words, and thanking
her too, for sharing evenings and
weekends, a patient host.

But, her warmth, I can only imagine,
her smell must always escape me,
her hair I can only dream.

Her lips warm and moist, to press
eagerly against my screen, or toy
flirtatiously with the softest of
kisses as I sneak a look at her
tongue, the color of raspberry

Gentle curve from her head to her
shoulders, what way to honor her,
as a man who can move boulders.

I touch her, my screen of plastic and
fluids. The thin film yields under my
hand, while curious, my mind fills in
the gaps about her skin wondering,
soft, tender, warm. Perhaps
weathered from the love of the sun,
this would not stop me from calling
you hun.

Feeling along soft ridges that make
up her skin, tenderly touching her
nose, chin and eyes; caressing
without shame or guilt. As a distant
lover, am I causing any harm?

You deserve more. It is a better way
that I should learn to care, to
perceive, to mature, to dedicate and
form the moments until like second
nature-instant on, you are there.

Poetry “weird on” Thursday