Tidal Merger: Wind

Tidal Merger: Wind

Swirls of hair evidence winds intensity,
motion claims the buzz cut, or like
closely knitted thatch or mats tremble
creating an individual loose extremity.

Mindless at winds mercy, strands
dance or resemble the beautiful
boughs of the great willows that
hug faithfully the waterways.

Rising falling twisting turning the
wind owns all. With buildings the
effect is increased where the cities
decay may fill one corner of an alley
leaving clean the other side.

Hair waves majestically, while upon
another shakes sporadically.

Hair strands clash sometimes
violently, always sensually;
remarkably wonderfully tantalizingly
adept at leaving the owner beautiful.

Hair as lovers embrace becomes a
fluid or comforting focus for face
fingers nose eyes ears arms tongue
lips combining every sense to
heighten the awareness of
interaction between lover and loved.

Hair wind-borne as it kisses
your face, and to your beloved, enjoy
the power as hair chased by the air
movements tickle, blind, and enhance
passions experience.

Wind creeps around the collar or
openings of the shirt, blouse or
sweater; powerful enough to
pierce the bones when wearing
materials like leather.

Wind waves flags, banners or
bunting, it shakes the houses, barns
and concrete buildings; our very
wallets or purses have fallen prey
emptied – often leaving one wanting.

Wind cleanses our air in valleys, in
cities, in towns. Some times leaving
some  with relief or dread or sorrow.

While we read or speak or as time
passes, the nature of wind will
always impact the masses.

You define winds beauty perfectly,
your hair shifts with subtle abandon
or streams like underwater grasses
while the invisible powers caress,
stroke, and manipulate your beauty
as I watch, grateful to be as close as
I am while watching nature’s
environs do that which I desire to do
but, am limited to sonnets, poetry or