Wishing and Taste Her Name: Andrea


that sleep will gather like your hair
falling over your eyes and make you
drowsy drowsy…

feel the boat rocking on a warm
summers day…rocking gently rocking…

feel your lovers tender touch body
warmth as that of a gentle spring sun…

kissing you gently like the light
touch of a butterfly…

here there on your eyes, cheeks,
caressing your nose, chin, ears…

soft lips brushing slowly, tenderly
across your face carefully to slowly
grant you the truth of self…

your desire ebbs and builds with the
boat gently bobbing on the water…

still air allowing the sounds of nature
and distant play of children to add to
the serenity of the body…

your mind seems to be adrift on a sea
of motion…

floating, warm, secure and at peace
for the time with life, nature, self.

I love you.


T. H. E. Sun


Taste Her Name: Andrea

Wine has ever enriched the lives of
those that partake of its delicious
quality. The struggle continues to
put a name to its wondrous appeal.

Andrea – her name softly vocalized
conjures a vision of trees shedding
the willowy down of spring.

Just as the grape plants are tended,
nurtured, and appreciated; so are
the vines that will bear the precious
fruit are prepared for growth.

Inspired by trees that release new
growth the arboriculturist is lovingly
there when a vine needs attention.

Andrea has hair that tangles, and
eyes of serenity where a soul might
find peace.

Skin that identifies a life lived,
not patronizing; she is totally
unapologetic and honest for she
is the gift.

Gives not ground, asks not for relief.
Passionate and understanding as she
knows fully that one day does not a
lifetime make.

She is tender, strong, gentle and
merciful where it is required. Yet,
valiant and ruthless when threatened;
but loving.

Like a Merlot, smooth when mature,
yet, crisp and haughty when young.

All accepted with equal measure, while
understanding that life may not always
have happy endings; it is the journey
from here to there that is most memorable.