Precious Angel

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA    Precious angel, whose words fall like rain from above,
is gracious beyond measure with words of pure love;

though perhaps in this life when all seems for naught,
your words are a tender reminder that for love have
men fought;

not given to anger or malicious intent, your patience
is gentle, your friendship intense;

through the days of this life which are often fraught
with alarm – love is an ever present reminder that will
do no harm;

people sometimes hurt people as was recently easy to see,
common sense and attitudes must change because the impact
on lives is sordid when there is no place to flee;

I savor your words spoken and can feel your heart through
the keys, as your press out your passions degree by degree;

tender dove whose words drop as rain from on high, those
tender sentiments and heartfelt experiences shared will
not dry like your eyes.


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  1. ∞ fountain.

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