Missing Us

I wandered the empty parks, normally filled

with joyous shouts and laughter seemingly

now just lines that seem upon paper-tick marks.

I visited the favorite shop for where ice

cream we did stop in Woodbury at The Mood,

now seems it has latched on to me and

shattered my joy, spoiling even the

taste of the smallest bite of food.

I sought refuge in Breezy Point, where I hiked

to its Tip, wondered would you weep if upon its

edge my foot did slip.

Fire Island as on a beach you lay back with

your hair spread like angels wings upon the

noon day sand. My fingers traced the curve

of your face, now seeing nothing more than

hints of your beauty, vague images –

I hurriedly quit this place.

To the Sunken Forest I flee now shattered heart

perhaps in a mire I might bury your memory and

myself too, even the quicksand tells me with the

burden of my misery – I will not have any of you.

Where to turn, in the alleys of West Babylon

I sought out fights, my visage must be terrible

as even the thugs made excuse to be out of

my sight.

This to receive as near as I must a punishment

for my slight of you.

Would not the oceans depths claim me as a

a permanent friend, would not your love slice

through the ribbons of my self-induced chagrin.

Perhaps back to Fire Island and its lighthouse,

stoic and tall perhaps a favorite of lovers who

seek darkness with some light, as upon my chest

you snuggled and giggled from earthly delights.

Hear a click of the lock then another and

another if my imagination holds true,

scrambling towards the top as the mighty light

turns unlocking the window and upon the round

I do stand, as before me lay sand embraced by

water so cold and deep – during day so peaceful

and blue, now, like the love in my heart lacking –

filled with holes like worm infested wood.

Perhaps you misunderstood my joy of a

chanced meeting with a newly found – thought

lost friend or perhaps the distance does, at

least for the time, lay claim upon two souls.

I see a dark abyss where once a beautiful light

shown – your face i see captured beauty,

your eyes a radiant goodness burning as pure

as the sun,

your lips beckon to meld and for that moment be

as one,

your hair as throw or roof that accepts my face

or covers us both with its beauty,

your ears that accepted my nibbles, pleas

of love, and were able to hear and to comfort

my doubts,

your hands found the best I could offer, while I

caressed and kissed yours,

your love that I valued and depended upon for

strength, for steadfast support that was strong

for your heart when it weakened,

your resolve as you stood by me before as we

sought to make a difference in our crumbling world,

your power to heal my heart when it was broken,

or massage it to health when it faltered from sorrow.

Perhaps all that is needed as the powerful divide

of the light plunged me into darkness – a quick step,

hold my breath as the embrace of sand brings forth

my last sleep.

2 thoughts on “Missing Us

  1. “And miles to go before I sleep,
    And miles to go before I sleep.”

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