Captured Beauty: The Kiss

Captured Beauty: The Kiss

The subway was crowded as this
was the norm, more so today by
the multitudes driven to shelter
by the storm.

I saw no reason to rush with initial
throngs of people so I picked up a
cup of tea from the kiosk, she was
just approaching and I heard her
order the same as I turned away.

Overhearing a voice say the storm
has passed I decided to enjoy the
fresh air and walk to my flat.

Outside the air was charged with the
new ions of cleansing–common when 
a city is bathed of its stale decay
deposited from every day life.

The gutters were washed free of silt
and i thought how new and grand a
rebirth rain can provide, now that dirt
and ilk can no longer hide.

Stopping at a local bookstore I browsed
the selections, the air conditioning and
new mingled with old books provided a
wonderful scented background, giving
browsers a new sense of direction.

She was beside me in an instant – I,
caught up in my daydream heard not
her approach or arrival.

“Hold your face against mine,
as the the minutes turn to hours
and our lives for this brief span
become one in time.

Place your lips against mine while
there is still light in the day,
hold not yourself back with imagined
reservations of what is right or will
she stay.

Question not the beauty of sincerity,
the strength of what real, the warmth
of my body, my lips near yours and
taste my tongue – know the truth of
what you feel.

Close not your mind to the joy of
possibilities, to the power of your
own abilities.

As day melds to night touch my
heart feel my thoughts as they
caress your neck and climb upward,
feel the sincerity of my hands as
they gently mold your chin-as your
lips yield to my tender fingers.

Know the truth of loves divinity.”

That said she turned and walked
away. I forsook my book search
and followed her. She stopped,
turned, smiled, and waited.