Captured Beauty: Dust

My heart lay in scattered bits like shattered glass,

love was the force which made the blast of lonely nights and mournful days as my heart lingered in romances past.

Remember the boy whose love was in your hand you held me loosely like sand I trickled away and disappeared from your grasp;

falling upon your shoes or atop your bare soft feet as you wrinkled your nose and brow set to washing or brushing me away while giving your mind relief.

Satisfied you stepped through loves remains without a look back–did not you see the swirling in your wake as the dust was disturbed; how often have my pleas gone virtually unheard.

It was my love my tender plea’s hoping you might turn back to embrace me once again as I offer romantic bounty.

What was my chance to offer my hand of sand in the dance, what kind of reality was mine to chance.