Did I

Did I some how miss you, is the pace of life too fast,
did I have the door of friendship torn from hands by winters typical blast,

I say I saw as ever I do sweet beauty that is yours, rightly daily nightly lift this heart as happened in times past.

we know not each other likely never will, as time moves forward and seems never to hold still,

tell me tender beauty when for a moment you have to dream, see yourself on board a ship off from port billowing clouds of steam,

or perhaps you are a teacher tending to your wards
or a machinist worker who’s mindful
of milled shards.

or perhaps a gentle maiden who to one your beauty is quite clear, or eyes of your tender beauty holding words that are so dear.

Did I some how miss you seems life hastens at a furious pace, as we choose to maintain our balance in this our human race.