Ice Flower

Ice Flower

Radiant, inspiring, her beauty shown as clear as the great sheets of ice that spanned the breath of Antarctica;

Her, persona was unique and gave him reason to ponder on her magnificence, she demanded nothing of him, sometimes this was perplexing to him; he would shrug it off.

He saw her one morning on his way to an appointment, walking in she smiled as she first saw him; then the frown as though he conjured up some long ago memory that she may have desired to keep filed away.

Laughing to himself, he enjoyed the brief interlude and erased her from his memory.

Giving light to the newness of future events to come enerred as he may have felt himself redeemed and not blamed at his failure with loves immeasurable twists and turns, curves and switchbacks, thusly, giving him reason to cry out.

He thought back, not, because of this one; as another woman walked by. She smiled. Spoke once, and forged ahead to her appointment.

He considered by comparison each ones beauty or mannerism and sought to put into words Antarctica
with its frozen, harsh strata, and characteristics.

He saw his first passerby as the vast desolate landscape as first seen from a distance, white ice and snow covered mountains dominated the horizon; seemingly unforgiving in every respect; here survival rules
without respect to a persons stature
political affiliation, religious choice, or gender.

Come prepared, or come to stay, her eyes seemed to say. He fascinated that perhaps she might have a warm place in her heart for some one.

Miles of frozen expanse gives not love not condolence or leaves nothing to chance, as though her body and face explain give me love completely or undeterred my wind and cold are the wrath I own to impart at will.

Many have found my frozen white sheets do mistake for a bed and lay down upon them for their final sleep.

Fall for this not and listen to your heart. Stand on the ice and snow prepare for winters furious blow arriving without love or preamble, leaves a frozen bitter shamble.


2 thoughts on “Ice Flower

  1. You seem a lot like me, with a fascination of ice, and water, and writing frequently of pain. However, it’s a little ambiguous whether you are male or female, as in this story you share insights into the thinking of males and females. I’m trying to understand you better as a person, I like your work, and knowing would help, as you seem to have suffered pain, and pain is dealt with in different ways by males and females internally, as our brains are wired somewhat differently 🙂

    • I am a humble man. Though some might argue that point. 🙂 I have endured seemingly the pains, hopes, and troubles of a dozen lifetimes.

      I write and interconnect my poetry, prose, and stories based upon past, present, and in some cases future events. I have visited and lived in different lands and interacted with many cultures.

      I love and adore people, I have worked with and sometimes taught, young and old. I have been exposed to choice genders and life style choices of men and women from an early age. To me it matters not, because people will for humanities sake endure.

      I work with a special group of people working towards a common but unique cause.

      Hope this helps.

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