Wayfarer Guide: Escape

I gasped, not from exertion, but as my heart
pumped beyond endurance – even beyond reason.

I swooned my gaze, my mind – it’s logic shattered,
my judgement waves in tatters like wind blown cloth,
as storm shaken boughs from the willow trees; their
kindred flow reverently.

I felt your gaze and with it my own reason scattered
as leaves ahead of the quickening storm, my knees
trembling air enters not, my heaving chest.

Clawing at same, I wonder will I ever see the end of
this day. Your beauty, curve of your nose above my
lips pressed against yours.

I feel your exhalation tickling my lips, I squirm
joyfully, religiously, as if my very existence must
garner your approval.

I ran away in spirit, away from your gaze, while
standing in your presence, too in love to move.

Then it comes like it is supposed to, come hater
spare my angst not, and curse me for the fool I
must be.

Just as pain reaches for my heart, I experience a
momentary hope that perhaps this time, I pray this
time – not let me feel the agony, the loss, the
ever welcoming bands that wrap my heart.

Crush the life from me, twist the air from my lungs
and with loves determined blade slice slowly, deeply,
so that with beat the heart embraces blade and my own

Don’t let me squirm away from my faith, my duty – you,
my reason to carry on with my love.

I tried to drown it, to bury it within the great depths
of the ocean. I found myself propelling downward braving
the creatures curious and hostile that sought to make me stay.

I bore upward with the cask, clutched to my breast.
Tears washed away by ocean waters, my love desirous to escape
its confines from within the golden chest.

Mocking me, love retained its place in my mind and heart,
not cruel, but with a sincere honesty that said, “Gentle spirit,
you’ve completed play?”

Cease heart.


Love: One Version

Love: One Version

You heard the word as you stood upon the ledge; whispering mournfully as a beckoning call.

You felt the word as it swept gently through your hair, as would your lover’s fingers tenderly caressing.

You sense it as a sincere hug from a friend, who wishes their words might soothe the loneliness of loves plaintive call-sweetly, ever sweetly, until your desire overwhelms completely.