Ever Venus

Graphic courtesy of Playcomments.com

Graphic courtesy of Playcomments.com

 I could not tear your beauty

from my mind.

Soft skin, the image I could not

separate from my desires grasp.

I smell your beauty, its loveliness, its

timeliness, its ability to turn

willpower to weak-will.

I launch myself into your angelic

aura, sensing without hesitation

your patience, your courage,

your desire, your intelligence, your

demanding strength as you share

your greatest gift-your love.

I seek your passion, powerful, direct,

unflinching, and uncompromising.

I sought you out for an eternity,

before humanity measured time, as

even the first dawn chased away

darkness and its uncertainty.

I desired to give without wish for

payment, without the planting of a

seed for the beautiful gift of life

which is natures answer to a

certainty that is an inheritance of

this life.

Soft skin and translucent eyes

sought out, found; then rested upon mine.


Hair that one day reached towards

the sun while on other nights

sought solace as would a gardener

spreading beautiful soil over sown


I see the depths of your love, your

smallest smile, your closeness; I

reach for your hand and am

comforted by its warmth. I hope to

taste the wet sweet nectar of your


I hope to envelope you in my joy–of

heart, of peace, of adventure.

Is this tender Venus where we

began–perhaps known by other

names so long ago, or is it yet to be.

Graphic courtesy of Playcomments.com

Graphic courtesy of Playcomments.com


3 thoughts on “Ever Venus

  1. Beautiful thought to match the amazing photo.Thanks for following my blog.Best regards.

    • Thank you, it was find from a graphics source I use. I enjoy the strength of your writing. Please, you are always welcome.

    • Ever welcome. (I was often too timid to reply). My Dad, Uncles served in the Armed Forces. Thank GOD for the Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marines and State and Local who protect and assist the needy and work to clean up this Nation.

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