I Ran

I Ran

Backwards, too frightened to look forward, too stubborn not to look back.

Eyes tightly shut, like a crazed stampede of buffalo, mindless juggernauts of brute strength propelled me faster.

From prudence, towards independence and freedom to do as I hoped. Not easily accomplished in this our real world.

Covering invisible bases I could not see, feeling the nonexistent pads as I stepped upon each of these.

With my heart was fire, from pain, exertion, and desire. Believing I have to win, losing is a foreign language not spoken.

Because I must, to get to the other side first, to dare the spoilers, haters, and deviates of now, come for me if you can.

I am here having focused on and now knocking upon my destinations door before I left.

Courtesy of Playcomments.com

                                                                                 Courtesy of Playcomments.com


2 thoughts on “I Ran

  1. I liked this, the references to closed eyes, and focus, and going back on the established path to go through a door to a destination it sounds like you passed up, reminded me of this poem I wrote last May:

    “Eyes Meeting, Locking”
    by Ry Hakari

    Vertigo, coal whirls
    of the static shows
    since my twenty-first,
    all roads lead to snows

    and fiddling while Rome burns
    as taciturn interim’s
    ruminating ruins, churns
    directions to destructions

    God picks souls, not bones
    Monsters, in our flesh closets
    ’til paradigms shift
    tension’s locks from wakefulness
    with sleep’s tumbler and Z’s pins

    Skeleton keys are
    eyes meeting, locking
    like a charm, their heart’s
    paradoxes beat

    Weeping ceases in-between
    waking dreams, eventually
    while twilights crease Willow sleep,
    centering reality

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