Where is America?

I felt as though you were speaking to me as I translated this into America. 
Once mighty due to its dialogue of freedom for all, now a rusty machine in need of a tuneup going uphill or desperately in need of new brakes heading downhill and gaining speed. 

I see and hear daily that the America I served is being torn apart with pieces scattered in the wind. 

There is Asia and its nuclear weapons holders—Russia, China, Pakistan, India and North Korea. It was once envisioned that America’s lands were too vast and necessary to make radioactive—I do not subscribe to this theory any longer. What with cleaner nuclear weapons and biological weapons a defeated America would probably turn upon itself. 

Mighty America, the sleeping giant has awakened, over taxed itself, and with pollution within and from without is sliding toward an abyss of its own design. 

If we could ask some of the fallen leaders who chose Tyranny over Democracy, Despotic ego laden behavior over common sense, where might they instruct our leaders to redouble their efforts or seek compassion for their subjects. 

When I hear talk about a Wall, where are Americans going to scurry to if the nuclear weapons fall upon American lands. Who will stand with a misguided America should the “balloon pop”.  

Stands to reason when policy is being dictated by uneducated leadership then I hope against the “End being Nigh”.