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Just addressing an issue that concerns the NBA and just how does it view WNBA Players? When a player of Skill and having contributed to the NBA and WNBA success must seek overseas employment to reach equitable pay.

What then for former athletes when the cheering stops each player is alone to suffer the debilitating toll upon their bodies. Owing that family support is critical. Physically time must be paid for injuries of pounding muscles, worn joints, bones-cracked, broken mended or reconstructed. Pain is individually owned. All or most athletes must endure the rigors and at times rebellion of body over mind and heart.

My case: Why did a player of caliber, such as Brittney Griner; need to move overseas to get paid equitable salary over work performed. This is an NBA and WNBA issue that needs to be addressed. Thoughts. (No just saying with benefit of grouping of Sports Specialists and hearing what they had to say.)

Co-writers in an article written by Ganguli and Abrams shows that WNBA players will still seek employment with overseas basketball teams and those supported leagues. Okay, reported in the NYT Aug 24. Where does this leave a league in America where there are NBA Players (Males) who are being paid millions of dollars to perhaps jog through a basketball season while WNBA (Females) have hustle with an average salary of $20,000 annually. Best hope that LIV, or another rich foreign country, does not take an interest in the Male dominated NBA. [2022 August 24; NYT “W.N.B.A. Stars to Head Overseas Despite Griner’s Arrest in Russia”]

Sad state of affairs when America stops when a celebrity is arrested in a foreign country, but does not believe any effort should be put forth to prevent the need arising that drew them away from the USA in the first place. Sad.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

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