Where is America?

I felt as though you were speaking to me as I translated this into America. 
Once mighty due to its dialogue of freedom for all, now a rusty machine in need of a tuneup going uphill or desperately in need of new brakes heading downhill and gaining speed. 

I see and hear daily that the America I served is being torn apart with pieces scattered in the wind. 

There is Asia and its nuclear weapons holders—Russia, China, Pakistan, India and North Korea. It was once envisioned that America’s lands were too vast and necessary to make radioactive—I do not subscribe to this theory any longer. What with cleaner nuclear weapons and biological weapons a defeated America would probably turn upon itself. 

Mighty America, the sleeping giant has awakened, over taxed itself, and with pollution within and from without is sliding toward an abyss of its own design. 

If we could ask some of the fallen leaders who chose Tyranny over Democracy, Despotic ego laden behavior over common sense, where might they instruct our leaders to redouble their efforts or seek compassion for their subjects. 

When I hear talk about a Wall, where are Americans going to scurry to if the nuclear weapons fall upon American lands. Who will stand with a misguided America should the “balloon pop”.  

Stands to reason when policy is being dictated by uneducated leadership then I hope against the “End being Nigh”. 


Zeyya, My Kenya

Mombasa…my love grows

As her beauty touched my heart like the sight of her brown skin,

I sought her lush greenery and crisp ocean waters,
I am hers, she is mine, touch not her former torments because as does the mother suffer in childbirth so does her loving and beautiful reward emerge,
I hear the beautiful call to prayer for those faithful and sense the other choices made by others who believe–their business all,
Sand and ocean proclaimed loves healing waters and intense sun as up on Bamburi Beach the waves and tides chased and taunted visitors and family,
Just as the beauty of Tudor Creek with its octopus shape is lost on day visitors do the citizenry love its long grasses that move as people who progress through fog to begin their day, or imagined as spirits whose tattered and rotted burial shrouds wave gently and reach to touch all living, perhaps in hope of a rebirth or memory to share,
Languish not upon the Umba River for there are times when it will widen and hurl all from its shores to places unknown or as of yet undiscovered,
Feast upon beauty my Zeyya for not as much of yours as I have compared to your land visited up on my heart and now cemented thus.

Poetry Thursday

A poet might say___ 
___bend your heart towards mine-let your breast touch mine as nature causes heart and heart to match rhythm and beat as one. 
I stare in to eyes of passion as they radiate love immeasurable. 
I touch hair that radiates and is soft as down. 
I smell the sweet nectar of your beauty as my senses reel. 
I feel the warmth of your body as it caresses mine. 
I hope that the minutes will morph into hours into days into forever.

Your Smile

Memories of your smile lift my heart from its sometimes murky depths.

Traces of your laughter sweeten my drinks and seem to be a kiss upon my lips.

Images of your beauty are a pillow upon which I am able to rest my head.

The smell of your skin is an elixir without which I will never heal.

The soft down of your hair is a veil that intrigues and envelopes my senses in its majestic aura.

You are a friend, an enigma, a lovely question without a definite answer–

it makes you perfection.

A Government Primer

so it comes again…hoping that this will work better than the last…


* terrorists and religious zealots have inflicted pain upon thousands will continue unless nations join to stop the march toward more suffering…

* people will allow others to live out their lives without strife…

* countries will not be oppressed by other countries because of some slight decades ago…

* neighbor will not begrudge neighbor because of some perceived indignity or fear…

* man or woman will not abuse children, women, or men just because of some desire to enhance his or her ego… 

* that governments which are to serve the people do so without the desire for dictatorship…

* that these same governments created by the people do not become a power within themselves…

* governments duly created by the people work to serve the people without regard to religious values, or racial lines…

* while these values may seem just; religious leaders, must teach and they themselves learn to open the way toward acceptance of differing viewpoints regardless of racial or religious values…

* religions do not make a people rather the people come to accept their religious values for themselves…

* religions must come to understand that any religion that is perceived to be the world’s only true way of accepting GOD yet practices barbarity against innocents, women, and children alike is heinous…

* man who has perverted religion for self serving power or corrupting desires is as evil and polluted as the believers who prescribe wholeheartedly to the sadistic controls over women and children…

* wars will come, but targeting innocents or using those same innocents for shields must cease…

* people suffer long after the war is over… 

* mental pain and the anguish of broken homes and lost loves will only breed more anger and depression…

* loss of loved ones will create a desire to cling unnaturally to those left behind…

* children and human beings need space, when this is circumvented for personal desires normally hurt is usually the end result…

* civil war is possible, anywhere…

* is civil war necessary, nations who will not talk and accept often self-destruct…

* will it be between those that have and those that have not…

* will the US ever face a military coup…

* will the people ever take to the streets and demand a government that is fair and just…

* is the time for a division within the nation between those who are soft on crime versus those who are tough show themselves fully to be identified…

* why is it that our laws allow criminals to flee from justice after they are apprehended and booked by judges intent upon circumventing the rights of the victims of those same crimes…

* what is the basis of a judicial system that because the cries of the victim are not always heard or even those whose DNA is evident at the scene are given bail at all…

* who allows judges that serve on the bench to damage the judicial process but still walk away with fat retirement packages…

* why must elected officials openly strive to fatten their districts with pork while children and seniors suffer in America because of limited access to health care…

* why are government officials not held in check by their peers when clear ethics violations occur against the very constituents they are entrusted to serve…

* some businesses have learned to focus on profits and not the protection of the public who entrust their lives to the safety of the products they purchase…

* innocents have lost their lives due to the lack of oversight by which producers through poor quality control are not holding the business owners and managers who are aware of unsafe activity responsible for the shattered and lost lives because of inferior or poorly tested products that are released into the market; our states and federal regulatory agencies must be held accountable…

* this scratches the surface the rest is up for all to debate, dismiss or ridicule…enough said? *

When Is More Not Enough?

We live in a Nation that began with blood spilled, as payment for freedom.

Though all men existing within these boundaries were granted liberty, the forces of evil soon made themselves known. They stripped away the mantra of freedom to those who looked different than they citing a passage of Scripture to carry out their evil unfairness. How can this Nation, which was founded by those escaping religious persecution–do we use the same to broker unfair policies or shame those that are different than our so-called selves.

Though glowing words heralded Americas birth, she is again faced with tyranny in the form of rich despots that would shame some of histories worst criminals. America whose principles of fairness were the guiding light that echoed once round the world, fell prey to her own successes. Slavery was the result and segregation the end result. Just as South Africa weathered the storm of Apartheid, now, America stands at a crossroad; should she turn left or should she pivot right.

Many will argue that this is extremism; have not the conservative radio hosts spoken on veiled terms of “now is ‘our’ time to take back America.”
Educated people have fallen prey to the lies cast forth from the very media sources they once eschewed.
Informed people, some of whom are the most highly educated, rant on woman’s issues like a zealot who has just walked from his hut and then was seceded the ability of command over women and the poor. Pro-life has become a word; while we as humans have an obligation to protect the young-if most animals can, why not more so humans.

The reality of this dogmatic approach to life and human rights regardless of common sense or even biblical teachings is heinous.

People have the right to seek their own happiness without mandated edicts from governmental powers. Yet, when the protected rights of all citizens are in danger of, or repeatedly violated-States Rights should be acknowledged.
People have the right to exist as thinking sentient beings and should be allowed to develop as far as their abilities and determination will allow. Education has improved the quality of life of a nations citizenry.

The American political process seems to be doomed as Politicians refuse to carry out their Constitutional responsibilities, while signing internal pledges to ignore their respective obligations to their constituents and sit stoically in their Senate or House seats and do nothing.

The rich have circumvented the American political process by convincing political leaders to circumvent the political mandate as elected officials who were placed in those positions by voters following a just and fair election process. These elected officials ignore their voters and bow to the influence of billionaire influence peddlers who have a shadowy motivation.

This is currently why the cost of this election is so high.
The entire voting process appears to be a miserable joke. Have the American people been fooled into the greatest con job in recent history.

Let us see how far this nation is willing to carry the burden of change. It is senseless to through support behind one person who claims to be in your corner, while having mistreated you initially has decided to alter their persona.

Are the hidden faces of hate lining up, buoyed by billionaires and special interest groups. Let us see how far their money goes.


Long Ago

I kissed lips that were perfect,

her eyes beheld only me as

though we were granted to live

from creation and from birth.

I saw her lips as my fruit,

delectable and without tender

sentiments that must grow,

in order for love to survive.

Hidden within her features was

was stoic beauty, a languishing

charm without which her

personality would expand from

an unseen mirth.

I found mercy in her arms-warm

from rich cardigans that even my

wallet can ill afford. They were not

necessary as my love bore warmth

enough to sustain us-even allowing

passion to thrive.

Her face beheld an everlasting charm

not given to sudden shifts of decision

she leaned contentedly upon the

crook of my arm.

I counted myself lucky even amongst

the most undesirable haunts as I

often desired do, she remains content,

radiant and ever safe from harm.