Not the Bard’s words

“would not you have carried away this ones heart into flights of fancy, whereby he would.

nay – he must find fault within himself for the desire of the heart;

whereby as upon a birds wing does soar.”


Towards Slumber

Towards Slumber

Ah, to gather ones self towards the
welcome relief of slumber, matters
not if the day is still present or
one hears the approaching dusk by
the softening of days activity.

Even the birds commence with
sometimes a furious din, as though
arguing for spaces owned before
night becomes inn; thus spaced and
balanced by families do preen before
bed and cry “nini” to new found

What of the creatures that walk up
on the ground, is nightly peace of
any be found. Where may a gentle place
act as safe haven, while enemies
search and scour the night to devour
even friend Raven.

Ah, fear not for them for clustering
in numbers when alarmed sends
lurkers scurrying for safer plunders
as through the inn; pecks and
buffeting upon them rain from
stranger and friend.

Safely away our lurker is safe to
contend with a drink of milk from a
doorway tin.

Then what of the people who work
the night, no rest for them as they
slumbered by day; many by choice
per se would likely choose nights
stabilized din than daytime’s bray.

Rush rush hustle bustle not a
moment to share, time is money
money the seduction is there
breath to spare.

Dizzy delirium added drama, what
say you on the wheel as you run,
employment is sluggish, sequester is
booming, summer used to be about

Look at the young humans living in
their beautiful worlds, while all about
life tumbles headlong as the endless
cycle continues of boys chasing

When tired both sexes stop and rest
as they feel the riptide of summer;
lay upon the grass lose not the
sweet lass who lay beside you for
this would be a bummer.

Don’t forget the chores whether
outside or indoors – so much in
so short a time; Pop then Mom
would scream (at least in my mind
they did) which was not a positive
thing for day passed to night and
look still not finished, you’re
grounded – sure fine.

The Black Speck

Following a severe storm; I stepped out of doors looked skyward, and heading for the roof of my cape cod home was this black speck. the closer it came to my home the bigger it got, finally it became clear that it was a black and white cat. Storms and a tornado in my vicinity had picked up the poor beast and carried him high into the sky. I waited for him to crash into the ground, saddened to have to witness his death when a large gust of wind pushed him on to my 2nd floor roof. He immediately began to slide off the wet leaf covered roof, and I shouted encouragement, “hang on little buddy.” He stood up on his hind legs as he teetered on the edge and with his momentum stopped jumped to the ground.

I was impressed; he was irritated, and looked at me with his fur matted, wet, and strangely bloated. He walked a couple of steps then he farted…a long one that made his body reduce down to normal size and I started laughing. He looked at me enraged then hissing, tore after me and I ran faster than I had ever ran in my life. Round a bush and upon coming to the other side he was there with jaws opened so wide I thought he was a shark; I screamed and turned and fled with the hope of climbing a tree, and just making it to the lower branches when a roar and the paw the size of a bears made my sweat chill as the cat swiped at my head.

Yelling like there was no tomorrow, I ran so fast I ran out of my shoes, then my socks, and kicked up little tufts of grass that landed on my legs making me think the cat was gaining ground I screamed louder and even then, with my chest heaving and my heart pumping…I dared not slow down, or even look back. I could not see the cat but I could feel his hot breath on my legs and back. Finally and prayerfully I tore into the porch of the house…I had made it. As relief was just beginning to make me feel safe my legs got tangled in a canvas cover I was using as a drop cloth and something scratched against the screen, so I growled loudly at it to make it go away.

Just then my mom yelled if I was alright and I awakened embarrassed, ending that dream. I took this away with me, if a cat gets wet and angry at you; they have absolutely no sense of humor.