Where is America?

I felt as though you were speaking to me as I translated this into America. 
Once mighty due to its dialogue of freedom for all, now a rusty machine in need of a tuneup going uphill or desperately in need of new brakes heading downhill and gaining speed. 

I see and hear daily that the America I served is being torn apart with pieces scattered in the wind. 

There is Asia and its nuclear weapons holders—Russia, China, Pakistan, India and North Korea. It was once envisioned that America’s lands were too vast and necessary to make radioactive—I do not subscribe to this theory any longer. What with cleaner nuclear weapons and biological weapons a defeated America would probably turn upon itself. 

Mighty America, the sleeping giant has awakened, over taxed itself, and with pollution within and from without is sliding toward an abyss of its own design. 

If we could ask some of the fallen leaders who chose Tyranny over Democracy, Despotic ego laden behavior over common sense, where might they instruct our leaders to redouble their efforts or seek compassion for their subjects. 

When I hear talk about a Wall, where are Americans going to scurry to if the nuclear weapons fall upon American lands. Who will stand with a misguided America should the “balloon pop”.  

Stands to reason when policy is being dictated by uneducated leadership then I hope against the “End being Nigh”. 


A Government Primer

so it comes again…hoping that this will work better than the last…


* terrorists and religious zealots have inflicted pain upon thousands will continue unless nations join to stop the march toward more suffering…

* people will allow others to live out their lives without strife…

* countries will not be oppressed by other countries because of some slight decades ago…

* neighbor will not begrudge neighbor because of some perceived indignity or fear…

* man or woman will not abuse children, women, or men just because of some desire to enhance his or her ego… 

* that governments which are to serve the people do so without the desire for dictatorship…

* that these same governments created by the people do not become a power within themselves…

* governments duly created by the people work to serve the people without regard to religious values, or racial lines…

* while these values may seem just; religious leaders, must teach and they themselves learn to open the way toward acceptance of differing viewpoints regardless of racial or religious values…

* religions do not make a people rather the people come to accept their religious values for themselves…

* religions must come to understand that any religion that is perceived to be the world’s only true way of accepting GOD yet practices barbarity against innocents, women, and children alike is heinous…

* man who has perverted religion for self serving power or corrupting desires is as evil and polluted as the believers who prescribe wholeheartedly to the sadistic controls over women and children…

* wars will come, but targeting innocents or using those same innocents for shields must cease…

* people suffer long after the war is over… 

* mental pain and the anguish of broken homes and lost loves will only breed more anger and depression…

* loss of loved ones will create a desire to cling unnaturally to those left behind…

* children and human beings need space, when this is circumvented for personal desires normally hurt is usually the end result…

* civil war is possible, anywhere…

* is civil war necessary, nations who will not talk and accept often self-destruct…

* will it be between those that have and those that have not…

* will the US ever face a military coup…

* will the people ever take to the streets and demand a government that is fair and just…

* is the time for a division within the nation between those who are soft on crime versus those who are tough show themselves fully to be identified…

* why is it that our laws allow criminals to flee from justice after they are apprehended and booked by judges intent upon circumventing the rights of the victims of those same crimes…

* what is the basis of a judicial system that because the cries of the victim are not always heard or even those whose DNA is evident at the scene are given bail at all…

* who allows judges that serve on the bench to damage the judicial process but still walk away with fat retirement packages…

* why must elected officials openly strive to fatten their districts with pork while children and seniors suffer in America because of limited access to health care…

* why are government officials not held in check by their peers when clear ethics violations occur against the very constituents they are entrusted to serve…

* some businesses have learned to focus on profits and not the protection of the public who entrust their lives to the safety of the products they purchase…

* innocents have lost their lives due to the lack of oversight by which producers through poor quality control are not holding the business owners and managers who are aware of unsafe activity responsible for the shattered and lost lives because of inferior or poorly tested products that are released into the market; our states and federal regulatory agencies must be held accountable…

* this scratches the surface the rest is up for all to debate, dismiss or ridicule…enough said? *

When Is More Not Enough?

We live in a Nation that began with blood spilled, as payment for freedom.

Though all men existing within these boundaries were granted liberty, the forces of evil soon made themselves known. They stripped away the mantra of freedom to those who looked different than they citing a passage of Scripture to carry out their evil unfairness. How can this Nation, which was founded by those escaping religious persecution–do we use the same to broker unfair policies or shame those that are different than our so-called selves.

Though glowing words heralded Americas birth, she is again faced with tyranny in the form of rich despots that would shame some of histories worst criminals. America whose principles of fairness were the guiding light that echoed once round the world, fell prey to her own successes. Slavery was the result and segregation the end result. Just as South Africa weathered the storm of Apartheid, now, America stands at a crossroad; should she turn left or should she pivot right.

Many will argue that this is extremism; have not the conservative radio hosts spoken on veiled terms of “now is ‘our’ time to take back America.”
Educated people have fallen prey to the lies cast forth from the very media sources they once eschewed.
Informed people, some of whom are the most highly educated, rant on woman’s issues like a zealot who has just walked from his hut and then was seceded the ability of command over women and the poor. Pro-life has become a word; while we as humans have an obligation to protect the young-if most animals can, why not more so humans.

The reality of this dogmatic approach to life and human rights regardless of common sense or even biblical teachings is heinous.

People have the right to seek their own happiness without mandated edicts from governmental powers. Yet, when the protected rights of all citizens are in danger of, or repeatedly violated-States Rights should be acknowledged.
People have the right to exist as thinking sentient beings and should be allowed to develop as far as their abilities and determination will allow. Education has improved the quality of life of a nations citizenry.

The American political process seems to be doomed as Politicians refuse to carry out their Constitutional responsibilities, while signing internal pledges to ignore their respective obligations to their constituents and sit stoically in their Senate or House seats and do nothing.

The rich have circumvented the American political process by convincing political leaders to circumvent the political mandate as elected officials who were placed in those positions by voters following a just and fair election process. These elected officials ignore their voters and bow to the influence of billionaire influence peddlers who have a shadowy motivation.

This is currently why the cost of this election is so high.
The entire voting process appears to be a miserable joke. Have the American people been fooled into the greatest con job in recent history.

Let us see how far this nation is willing to carry the burden of change. It is senseless to through support behind one person who claims to be in your corner, while having mistreated you initially has decided to alter their persona.

Are the hidden faces of hate lining up, buoyed by billionaires and special interest groups. Let us see how far their money goes.


Sea Dreamer

   I loved her. It was enough. 1749 seemed a difficult time for making a life for one’s self; not to mention a home, and family. The many self owned businesses manufactured gin and as a living was to be made from that.  Some people, me included preferred to earn my livelihood as had my father and his father before him. The love of the sea and its profits could make any man feel good about his work, and a modest profit besides. She was not yet with child and my heart knew that try as I might time and fortune would answer that riddle. She was most beautiful and was the answer to my hopes for someone who would share my life dreams and hopes.

   She was of a modest height coming to the bottom of my shoulder, her hair was the color of cured straw and her face held tender lips and eyes that were soft as the coming dawn. My mind drew comfort from being her husband. As such I was pleased that she kept house and was willing to quietly urge me to assist in chores that were not normally those of a man. Bear in mind, that this is between we men and are really not of a mind to shout from the rooftops those things our wives are able to encourage us to do. Things like tending the garden, and painting the house and such.

Mind you men folk, keep this to yourself.

She helped me as a fisherman, by aiding me to pull the boat from the beach and down to the water’s edge. I loved the strength I saw in her body, hair flying askew; legs and the beautiful arches of her feet as she strained and sweated along with me to float the tool of our livelihood to sea. I often enjoyed watching her mend the nets and she was more than able to do such work. She is the day to my night. I see her as a life mate for me. My purpose to provide for her was manifest. By my willingness to don a large warm sweater she knitted and row out into the sea where our fortunes awaited, was the greatest gift I felt as a man I could undertake.

Her world was my world. She was very special, almost unique. It is noted that from Eccles on Sea to Waxham she was known for her abilities in healing. I know nothing of those arts, but I am inclined to say that since they do well; they can not be bad. My love for her clouded my reason at times and in this manner I was content. She was demanding only to this extent that we have one day of the week and the odd holiday for our time spent just for the two of us. I could not see the harm as this gave me time to enjoy the forest which we both loved or the beach which we loved with equal measure. We would oft times walk, or picnic and finding a secluded area we loved with a hunger as though our lives were too short. She is beauty personified by the radiance of the sun; she is the pale underside of the leaves which contrast themselves against the gray skies of the incoming North Sea storm. She is the warmth and softness of the gentle spring sun. Her lips hold the moisture of the summer rains and her skin smells like flowers and her touch as kind as the innocent ewe seeking milk from its mother.

    I see her as my soul mate. I prayed that one day we would need not work so hard but live as the gentle folk in Surrey. My day at sea was to row out several miles and not return until my barrel was filled with salted fish. I left before sunup and sometimes returned after sundown. Always, she was there with lantern as I departed I could see her as I rowed east or the same as I rowed back upon returning toward the west. I could only refer to her position but she held true and never wavered. Upon one evenings return she wore a strangely colored smock, I deemed it not prudent to ask about it but waited until she wanted to tell me. She was fearful of my reaction but when she explained and seeing the mirth in my eyes I asked her to hug me and she knew shortly that the color caused another sensation within me. She smiled hugged me tighter and we fell into the consummate joy as our bodies answered each others beckons. She described it as an accident while she canned berries, wasting some upon her smock she tried in vain to wash it out. It would not so she decided to use the cloth to wash the kettle. The warm soft color like that of the rose would not come out but resulted is this new color seen only on the great paintings of the castles. We have not a name for it, I imagined berry color. She wears it for me when we retire and it is with great amusement that I enjoy it.

On the day that it occurred I was looking inward and not outward until the force of the gale hit. My nose was focused and remembering smelling my love and not my surroundings. The wind struck my boat with a mighty heave and the waves came up suddenly. I was forced to retrieve my nets and turn towards the west and home. The waves came up higher and the water washed over the gunwale. I paused often to bail out the water and knowing the wind was pushing west it gave me some comfort in rowing. I could not see my love with the lantern and hoping to do so I turned to look for her. I was not able to see the shore but I knew I was going toward them. It was just a matter of time when. My hands were bitter numb from the cold and my mind was seeing images of days of love and my darling’s fathomless eyes. How I longed to be in her arms this moment. How I wished to deeply to feel her fingers in my mouth. I wanted to touch her very spirit with my tongue. While I bailed a wave larger than most tore away one of the boats oars. I screamed in frustration. I could but helplessly sit and bail hoping that the wind would push me in towards shore. Such was not to be as a large wave crashed over the boat and spilled me and all my trade works over and into the sea.

    I have never felt such anger as I strove to swim away from the wreck only to find my legs entangled in the net. I felt myself being pulled down down towards where the sea was calmer and she seemed to wait with the lantern. I smiled and she smiled in return and I loved the brightness that enveloped us both. I kissed you and you kissed me in return. I love you so much.

    She waited until dawn and with lantern in her numb hands she returned wearily to their cottage. She knew he would return and prepared food for them both. She would constantly check every day until he returned. I came to you every day and I stretched my arm out towards you but I guess you could not see it. I was angry because I realized the stupid net held my arm pinned to my side. You would be proud of me. I held those stupid crabs off for two months before they consumed my flesh. Had it not been for a nosy squid that took a plug of my flesh, then after that it was every body help yourselves. I should have caught more of those and cooked them.  I can not see you now, I have but hollow eye sockets; but I know in my heart that you still wait. I love you so much and I will be faithful in paradise until you come join me. 

Oh yes, the color of your smock is pink.  Continue reading



Courtesy of Amy Winehouse Productions



You found your way back among us,
had you ever left?

I remembered you in the way life
choose to grace you with beauty
and voice to sing, your voice
could do many things.

Hair dark as the night sky,
sun-kissed, it radiates a
silver-gold blue hue as it
reflects true beauty.

Piled upon your head or
falling askew, it was your
persona that radiated true.

My eyes swallowed your painted
treasures that I would never
fully see, as I measured the
path of switchbacks you seemed
only to see.

I longed to share a cigarette
with you as the smoke curled from
your lips, I would place my face
close to yours and lips would
caress lips.

The tendril of blue-white smoke
would enter into your body, my
face pressed close to your soft
lips as you waited for me to draw
it from your mouth.

Slowly, you would yield the smoke
as eyes slowly close, we shared
what lovers do so often pressing
nose to nose.

I know it is not a perfect thing,
I refuse to be offended, offense
is a relative thing by those who
refuse to mend broken fences.

When you left it was the pain
that losing could suddenly bring,
were we lovers or even friends
your phone would nightly ring.

Torn away, I imagined your
beautiful innocence as like
a child dazzled by the white
light you continued towards it
with glee, no more hurts, pain,
uncertainty or strife this world
no more will see you sing.

How joyous might be the reunion
as a new voices aids the angels,
so pure now of thought you
understand all, even to why
I was musing.

The pundits claim after the fact
they knew that you were losing,
or was the pain too much for your
fragile body that even Earth knew
it was your own choosing.

I see you again and my heart lifts
as again the world needs cleansing,
will we ever hear a voice like yours
again that can burn with beauty as a
fire than can be singeing.

Towards Slumber

Towards Slumber

Ah, to gather ones self towards the
welcome relief of slumber, matters
not if the day is still present or
one hears the approaching dusk by
the softening of days activity.

Even the birds commence with
sometimes a furious din, as though
arguing for spaces owned before
night becomes inn; thus spaced and
balanced by families do preen before
bed and cry “nini” to new found

What of the creatures that walk up
on the ground, is nightly peace of
any be found. Where may a gentle place
act as safe haven, while enemies
search and scour the night to devour
even friend Raven.

Ah, fear not for them for clustering
in numbers when alarmed sends
lurkers scurrying for safer plunders
as through the inn; pecks and
buffeting upon them rain from
stranger and friend.

Safely away our lurker is safe to
contend with a drink of milk from a
doorway tin.

Then what of the people who work
the night, no rest for them as they
slumbered by day; many by choice
per se would likely choose nights
stabilized din than daytime’s bray.

Rush rush hustle bustle not a
moment to share, time is money
money the seduction is there
breath to spare.

Dizzy delirium added drama, what
say you on the wheel as you run,
employment is sluggish, sequester is
booming, summer used to be about

Look at the young humans living in
their beautiful worlds, while all about
life tumbles headlong as the endless
cycle continues of boys chasing

When tired both sexes stop and rest
as they feel the riptide of summer;
lay upon the grass lose not the
sweet lass who lay beside you for
this would be a bummer.

Don’t forget the chores whether
outside or indoors – so much in
so short a time; Pop then Mom
would scream (at least in my mind
they did) which was not a positive
thing for day passed to night and
look still not finished, you’re
grounded – sure fine.

The little country with heart

  Once upon a time there was a little country, the people    in that country believed that they were entitled to the same rights as everyone else , but a meany  country decided to use their country as a vacation     spot for its own people   without consideration of the inhabitants who rightfully lived there  .
Since they wanted to keep this a  from the world why not create a pretense   so that  while the world  they could create a group of henchmen  , who would act as a watch  and perform their bidding when commanded to do so.
The world     talked in knowing terms and in hushed corners and was not really interested in what might happen to this  so while the world pretended to  and while the storm clouds of  built toward the people of the country who refused to bow down and become modern day slaves  all countries turned away or slipped away in the   as the          were unleashed upon the      much pain and suffering were thrust upon the brave people who would not pass quietly into the . They rose against their oppressors and fought gallantly, though many were  and much was lost.
Their once beautiful city the envy of all the world lay in ruins, people went through it all as best they could and the    marveled that life     could go on amid the  and strife; however the people of this country are strong, resilent and patient  . Think not for a moment that they are    this is not to be so  minds unified toward one goal and  ever toward that goal. The bullies have a long way to go in making that land into their own.