Zeyya, My Kenya

Mombasa…my love grows

As her beauty touched my heart like the sight of her brown skin,

I sought her lush greenery and crisp ocean waters,
I am hers, she is mine, touch not her former torments because as does the mother suffer in childbirth so does her loving and beautiful reward emerge,
I hear the beautiful call to prayer for those faithful and sense the other choices made by others who believe–their business all,
Sand and ocean proclaimed loves healing waters and intense sun as up on Bamburi Beach the waves and tides chased and taunted visitors and family,
Just as the beauty of Tudor Creek with its octopus shape is lost on day visitors do the citizenry love its long grasses that move as people who progress through fog to begin their day, or imagined as spirits whose tattered and rotted burial shrouds wave gently and reach to touch all living, perhaps in hope of a rebirth or memory to share,
Languish not upon the Umba River for there are times when it will widen and hurl all from its shores to places unknown or as of yet undiscovered,
Feast upon beauty my Zeyya for not as much of yours as I have compared to your land visited up on my heart and now cemented thus.


I Ran

I Ran

Backwards, too frightened to look forward, too stubborn not to look back.

Eyes tightly shut, like a crazed stampede of buffalo, mindless juggernauts of brute strength propelled me faster.

From prudence, towards independence and freedom to do as I hoped. Not easily accomplished in this our real world.

Covering invisible bases I could not see, feeling the nonexistent pads as I stepped upon each of these.

With my heart was fire, from pain, exertion, and desire. Believing I have to win, losing is a foreign language not spoken.

Because I must, to get to the other side first, to dare the spoilers, haters, and deviates of now, come for me if you can.

I am here having focused on and now knocking upon my destinations door before I left.

Courtesy of Playcomments.com

                                                                                 Courtesy of Playcomments.com

Seeing Venus

Courtesy of Playcomments.com

Courtesy of Playcomments.com

I could only gaze upon your soft skin, skin I longed to caress gently, tenderly to enhance this feeling of blessed passion.

I moved slowly closer as I gazed into eyes of purity that now grace mine, now in frozen fascination, with complete admiration, and respectful of distances that were before heeded.

I touched hair that appears stiff, but is as soft as velvet, each strand seemingly independent, yet relying on its fellows to make your beauty a miraculous beginning.

I sought and found your skin akin to silken purity, touched the miraculous warmth and lost myself in its marvelous sensuality.

I caressed your silken flesh, locked now within my heart, the fascination of it’s color and texture. I would never deny my desire to nuzzle, my need to manipulate soft swells, that mark you as sensational, mysterious, and a charm that might make my life complete.

I traversed your warm valleys and crested sloping mounds in hope of reaching your heart and all the fire that transcends past, and makes this vision a present reality.

Ever Venus

Graphic courtesy of Playcomments.com

Graphic courtesy of Playcomments.com

 I could not tear your beauty

from my mind.

Soft skin, the image I could not

separate from my desires grasp.

I smell your beauty, its loveliness, its

timeliness, its ability to turn

willpower to weak-will.

I launch myself into your angelic

aura, sensing without hesitation

your patience, your courage,

your desire, your intelligence, your

demanding strength as you share

your greatest gift-your love.

I seek your passion, powerful, direct,

unflinching, and uncompromising.

I sought you out for an eternity,

before humanity measured time, as

even the first dawn chased away

darkness and its uncertainty.

I desired to give without wish for

payment, without the planting of a

seed for the beautiful gift of life

which is natures answer to a

certainty that is an inheritance of

this life.

Soft skin and translucent eyes

sought out, found; then rested upon mine.


Hair that one day reached towards

the sun while on other nights

sought solace as would a gardener

spreading beautiful soil over sown


I see the depths of your love, your

smallest smile, your closeness; I

reach for your hand and am

comforted by its warmth. I hope to

taste the wet sweet nectar of your


I hope to envelope you in my joy–of

heart, of peace, of adventure.

Is this tender Venus where we

began–perhaps known by other

names so long ago, or is it yet to be.

Graphic courtesy of Playcomments.com

Graphic courtesy of Playcomments.com

Wayfarer Guide: Escape

I gasped, not from exertion, but as my heart
pumped beyond endurance – even beyond reason.

I swooned my gaze, my mind – it’s logic shattered,
my judgement waves in tatters like wind blown cloth,
as storm shaken boughs from the willow trees; their
kindred flow reverently.

I felt your gaze and with it my own reason scattered
as leaves ahead of the quickening storm, my knees
trembling air enters not, my heaving chest.

Clawing at same, I wonder will I ever see the end of
this day. Your beauty, curve of your nose above my
lips pressed against yours.

I feel your exhalation tickling my lips, I squirm
joyfully, religiously, as if my very existence must
garner your approval.

I ran away in spirit, away from your gaze, while
standing in your presence, too in love to move.

Then it comes like it is supposed to, come hater
spare my angst not, and curse me for the fool I
must be.

Just as pain reaches for my heart, I experience a
momentary hope that perhaps this time, I pray this
time – not let me feel the agony, the loss, the
ever welcoming bands that wrap my heart.

Crush the life from me, twist the air from my lungs
and with loves determined blade slice slowly, deeply,
so that with beat the heart embraces blade and my own

Don’t let me squirm away from my faith, my duty – you,
my reason to carry on with my love.

I tried to drown it, to bury it within the great depths
of the ocean. I found myself propelling downward braving
the creatures curious and hostile that sought to make me stay.

I bore upward with the cask, clutched to my breast.
Tears washed away by ocean waters, my love desirous to escape
its confines from within the golden chest.

Mocking me, love retained its place in my mind and heart,
not cruel, but with a sincere honesty that said, “Gentle spirit,
you’ve completed play?”

Cease heart.

Love: One Version

Love: One Version

You heard the word as you stood upon the ledge; whispering mournfully as a beckoning call.

You felt the word as it swept gently through your hair, as would your lover’s fingers tenderly caressing.

You sense it as a sincere hug from a friend, who wishes their words might soothe the loneliness of loves plaintive call-sweetly, ever sweetly, until your desire overwhelms completely.

I Need You

I Need You

Thinking back upon the events that guide us to this place,
I thrust my mind from your momentary beauty grateful that you surrendered ending my chase.

I saw you first as my heart caught fire while you moved about with measured grace,
softly stepping or walking firmly as each deliberate footfall spoke of determination in your pace.

I think on my love sick desires to have your photo in my grasp,
while keeping heart in check from fruitless efforts in the past.

For the beauty seen in you at a moments pause as for something you tried to find,
I saw tenderness in your touch, though of my stare you seemed not to mind.

The slippery slope of love with its twists and turns I’ve spoken of before,
riding the tunnel of love to end avoiding the traps of pain and loss that likely beset, turns love in to a chore.

Yet, was it your conscience beauty that captured my eye and mind,
or like measured tunes from a piece well written did my heart become entwined.

Did I merely envision the end as we lay arms embraced,
did I toss and turn on nights without end as I hid the love on my face.

Cautiously seeking my heart twisted and reeling from loves accelerated pace,
I saw the beauty of love’s hope and dreams flow like water down my face.

I cautioned myself, what’s the use is there any hope of ending embraced as we are,
perhaps we might as on glorious nights we both sought the same reachable star.