A Government Primer

so it comes again…hoping that this will work better than the last…


* terrorists and religious zealots have inflicted pain upon thousands will continue unless nations join to stop the march toward more suffering…

* people will allow others to live out their lives without strife…

* countries will not be oppressed by other countries because of some slight decades ago…

* neighbor will not begrudge neighbor because of some perceived indignity or fear…

* man or woman will not abuse children, women, or men just because of some desire to enhance his or her ego… 

* that governments which are to serve the people do so without the desire for dictatorship…

* that these same governments created by the people do not become a power within themselves…

* governments duly created by the people work to serve the people without regard to religious values, or racial lines…

* while these values may seem just; religious leaders, must teach and they themselves learn to open the way toward acceptance of differing viewpoints regardless of racial or religious values…

* religions do not make a people rather the people come to accept their religious values for themselves…

* religions must come to understand that any religion that is perceived to be the world’s only true way of accepting GOD yet practices barbarity against innocents, women, and children alike is heinous…

* man who has perverted religion for self serving power or corrupting desires is as evil and polluted as the believers who prescribe wholeheartedly to the sadistic controls over women and children…

* wars will come, but targeting innocents or using those same innocents for shields must cease…

* people suffer long after the war is over… 

* mental pain and the anguish of broken homes and lost loves will only breed more anger and depression…

* loss of loved ones will create a desire to cling unnaturally to those left behind…

* children and human beings need space, when this is circumvented for personal desires normally hurt is usually the end result…

* civil war is possible, anywhere…

* is civil war necessary, nations who will not talk and accept often self-destruct…

* will it be between those that have and those that have not…

* will the US ever face a military coup…

* will the people ever take to the streets and demand a government that is fair and just…

* is the time for a division within the nation between those who are soft on crime versus those who are tough show themselves fully to be identified…

* why is it that our laws allow criminals to flee from justice after they are apprehended and booked by judges intent upon circumventing the rights of the victims of those same crimes…

* what is the basis of a judicial system that because the cries of the victim are not always heard or even those whose DNA is evident at the scene are given bail at all…

* who allows judges that serve on the bench to damage the judicial process but still walk away with fat retirement packages…

* why must elected officials openly strive to fatten their districts with pork while children and seniors suffer in America because of limited access to health care…

* why are government officials not held in check by their peers when clear ethics violations occur against the very constituents they are entrusted to serve…

* some businesses have learned to focus on profits and not the protection of the public who entrust their lives to the safety of the products they purchase…

* innocents have lost their lives due to the lack of oversight by which producers through poor quality control are not holding the business owners and managers who are aware of unsafe activity responsible for the shattered and lost lives because of inferior or poorly tested products that are released into the market; our states and federal regulatory agencies must be held accountable…

* this scratches the surface the rest is up for all to debate, dismiss or ridicule…enough said? *


At The Window Seat

At The Window Seat

I was able to spend a few days
with my Mom and while knowing the
window seat was there, never really
gave it a thought. That is until I saw
my Mom sit upon it.

It rests there by design, as though
even the forgotten builders
understood a young shrill voice
would one day cry mine;

It was the honorees place who
established first dibs upon the
precious space; doling areas for
fellow siblings and friends toys
like a feudal lord divides his lands
one to each who best develops his
or her place.

Not without responsibility did such a
lofty tile decree, in the winter
boots and shoes left by the back
door, coats fell nearby as all must
be done by unwritten mandate,
if breached, the serfs as one would
rise up and oust thee.

Summer was a time when as the
days grew from warm to hot,
sometimes a visiting relative might in
a non-violent coup, by her beauty or
his handsome new features, manage
to all win all of said title without
lifting a finger.

How they succeeded at this at times
was seemingly beyond my grasp,
I begin to notice his little furrow of the
brow and her slight pout of lips that
weakened the seats value and
dissolved any order and as violations
mounted quiet negotiations were
taking place in enclaves where
genders were not allowed to breach.

I got a summer job.

The coups and such were still being
counted as my responsibilities grew,
silly things like the window seat no
longer mattered.

When the cushions appeared, Mom
just brushed it off as a flight of fancy;
something to do with silly
old pillows no one barely sits there
any more, she smiled and offered
me a seat.

Having made us coffee, a habit I
picked up while in the fifth grade,
we lived not together so Mom
could not know till I told her about
boiling my Dads used coffee grounds
after he and my Step-Mother left for
work. I felt guilty about this but
continued until I began to pilfer
fresh ground coffee; when found out
and warned on the dangers of stained
teeth I was given an alternative
named Postum.


It tastes great at the first cup,
then good at the second, okay
at the third if you can make it
that far, because it loses flavor
and then–bland.

Enough of that.

I handed a cup to Mom, she
thanked me. She mused about
the seat and how it seemed
abandoned now. I knew that
she missed the buzz, but
understood the bedlam of
children at play.

I told her that running and
playing about the house
seemed not that long ago.
She chuckled I always loved
how she laughed. Seems as
though when the responsibilities
mount, the humor is first to suffer.

Life offers and demands much,
the more threads, the harder the
weave. Daily demands often trump
fun, any moment of laughter is to
be relished.

As a child I never realized the fun
interaction could bring, isolation
was my solitary friend or having a
book to read. I did not grow up
around sisters and brothers, for
the most of the summers unity
was by chance not often by design.

I did not mind.

How grateful to my Mom, I guess
she may never realize. Thank you
and gifts seem not enough. I wish
I had the means to take care of her
needs, so she might not want.
This is not realistic because I know
myself and it would not be fair to
her as a reminder of who I am.

Gratitude is enough and with her
family surrounding her, I need not
worry. I pray that life and GODS
mercy will make her future peaceful
and filled with wonders.

The window seat is still there, waiting
for the next bunch of combatants,
to add to its mystique.

Captured Beauty: Melancholy

Captured Beauty: Melancholy

Eyes of the largest pools of innocent
charm reflecting back to the viewer
exactly what they want you to see.

Life’s questions motives, hears only

The eyes stare, not with hate
as some imagine. Easier to claim
disgust, a shake of the head or shrug
of the shoulders than to look inside

You see me in the places where you
have walked – I was the loner, whom
all claimed was unapproachable,
while I wore my jeans that never
seemed washed, hair long and
sometimes unwashed for days,
adorned in a black leather jacket
when cold over an ever-present
T-Shirt that was underwear during
winter and outerwear during summer
while upon my face the scowl was
ever present.

Perhaps I was the hip nonconformist
priding themselves on keeping sane
while a World tore itself apart.

Am I the tender beauty whose eyes
have observed enough of the
injustice in my time to flee inside
mind and save that small place
where I might cower or relax without
the unfairness that seems the
established norm today. My hair I
need to cover all or most of my face
because there are villains that are
walking about in plain sight and
working to destroy youths futures
behind closed doors.

I could be the class clown who while
making people laugh at my antics,
was observing all and trying to see
the truth within people.

Was I the ner’ do well whom, most
grownups gave up as lost, dense,
radical – not seeing the true beauty
before them bearing up under pain.

What now when even our society is
split amongst right, wrong, kinda.

You wish for me to leave the safety
of an environment I can control and
move all out into your ideological
self-realized “myscape” then accept
that as the status quo,
pppllleeaassee – hello any active
brain cells moving about in there.

Who decided a few people should
determine the course for millions,
that should scream loudly about our
system of living being flawed.

So I have constructed a wall inside of
my mind where brick by brick I built
over time, upon hurt after hurt and
I shelter there, against pain, injustice
and unfairness practiced as the
norm today, against theft and
mocking those who are the victims.

I do not stare to offend, only while
behind my wall I do not wish to speak
to anyone. Not, rude just please a
little space to hide from this World
and it’s angry at times persistent
demands on my time.

I share this with you, I use my hair as
a shield and a shout out to others
that you are not alone, we are not
any better than other people, just
different. Shielding my eyes from
stares and smirks or even ridicule
is not unheard of, being abused or
bullied because I do not look like
some politician, or hair cut like the
military is no ones business but my

I like me as I am, please try liking
yourself – it works.

So you look into my eyes of guarded
resentment and you think I blame
you, I don’t even know you.

I can see every finger of resentment
pointing inward from my brick wall,
straight towards me. I do not need
to be constantly reminded. The status
quo is doing fine admonishing
me in my own head with droning
droning droning – yesssch.
Sometimes I want to ralf.

Hey, haters of my hair or perhaps that
I wear mascara as a guy, or too much as a
girl, so what.

I love, too. There is a cute guy at
work that I am ga-ga about, though it
would not show on my face; or that
there is a woman who I am love with
whom I would hug her forever, if she
acknowledged that she even had feelings
for me.

I have a heart, it can be hurt.
I have feelings, they can be abused.
I have opinions, they can be debated.
I have choices, I have made one.

I stay veiled behind my hair and
I build my wall a little higher, seems
safer and the pain is mine to carry

Poetry “building my wall” Thursday



I turned to the bar and you were there,
waiting patiently for your order to be
filled. I gathered my senses my heart
was light as a feather seeing you gave
me a thrill.

I wondered have you returned to walk
your path as it was destined for you.

Would it be crass, froward or rude if
I walked up and spoke to you two.

Would I upset your plans or the image
you wanted to set, if minutes I stole
were a few; might those who love,
protect, and provide for you understand
the depth of this view.

Why was I not there to please you that
night and show you the respect you were
due, perhaps to share numbers and explore
natures endless wonders, we might not be
judged harshly – say true.

You are here now at least your image is
here, beautiful, serene with poise.

walking with grace and dignity of place
your reality was fully enjoyed.

I wonder now where did you go, are our
futures slated to pass, or did fate
steal you away selfishly, once more,
and into anothers grasp.