she embraced me gently as lovers sometimes do, i lowered my head and placed it upon her breast. i murmured, “thank you.” she whispered back, “it is the least i could do for you my love, i do so hope you will enjoy my company as much as i enjoy yours.”

i thought nothing of the passion that enriched her words. i felt the heat of her breast on my face and that was comfort enough. “why do we rest here,” i asked “because there is time enough to share at our destination but my desires can not wait until we arrive,” came her pouted reply.

i felt her tendrils of desire probe and stroke and make their way under my shirt and i savored the touch of her upon my nipples. i gasped quietly as the heat aroused me in that special place where i knew she would not venture without permission.

“my darling you have long sought to bring me out,” I whispered and my mind faded to dream.

i remembered the first time i saw her from a distance, timeless, seemingly limitless, an embodiment of fancy and youthful play that seemed to taunt me at every passing. there were days that i ignored her by design, but could never erase her beauty from my heart. she spoke without words, a mystery to be explored, her body a treasure to be sought, her fragrance a new awareness to become one with, and her melodious voice a new pleasure to enjoy.

her voice whispered to me now, “little reckless one you are mine forever, just rest a bit and then after our love is spent we will continue upon our journey, you see…,” “no,” i said forcefully and it frightened even me. a wide acacia tree was mute witness to my frightened outburst. she looked at me as though gauging her response to the child that found its way from my clenched teeth, “rage not my little jewel, my heart, my treasure, do you question the wisdom of my years or do you express your own doubts as to your own abilities? fear not my little lover, here let my fingers touch your lips, feel my warmth, my gentleness.”

i did feel her hot fingers upon my lips and i moaned as she first touched both, then one. i moved my head from her breast so that the fingers could take control. i moaned, and could not help but part my lips as she took control of my body. she smelled of Asphodel flowers and my mind floated to blend in with the smell, thus i seemed to lose my body and totally enjoyed her touch.

i awakened from my passionate interlude still in her embrace and i smiled, “you have often spoke to me but never have you bewitched me, i speak in jest of course my lover,” it was all i could manage to think and say. i have not practiced for the awkward moment when after making love should one shake hands, kiss and compliment, or just stare dumbly at each other.

she smiled, “at least you did not say you were sorry which must be the worse thing a man can say to a woman or girl. don’t cheapen the time spent together with immediate regret, do that later in private, if it really bothers you,” she stated with wisdom and a wit i had never observed before.

i touched my fingers to my lips and chuckled softly, “you are my first and i felt kinda goofy as what i should do now. does it really matter what i say. you are the owner of my life and i am dependant on your love and trust.” she smiled, “well then lets us walk over to Nahal Bokek it will always offer sanctuary.” i looked at her with as much distrust as i could muster, “you have got to be kidding, where? i have been there.”

“shhhh, little darling, she smiled and whispered so that again i drew close to her breast to hear her words, there is comfort there, if you had paused to look carefully my wonderful darling, how have you managed to come so far without being head over heels in trouble?” she then laughed, a rich and cheery sound that eased my fears and made me feel silly.

rising from her breast, we traveled together and did not stop until we came to a wadi; this was my Eden, with Pancratium and its rich color of white blossoms and a perfume that moved my senses, here was the White Broom shrub with pink white flowers that cascaded from its branches like milk overflowing; Nahal Arugot offered a chance where our love could be enjoyed together.

she asked me to lie upon her and i did, her sweet smell was mingled with the Orchid flower that to me had to have a face only a mother could love. i said as much and she returned words that awakened me from my revelry.

“i do love my children and this you know i would not have brought you here to safety and allowed you to suckle from my breast had i not loved you, my young lovely one, here i will teach you faith, hope, and charity to the Earth, as well as to all things, you see dearest, as you are to the earth mother who bore you, i am all things to the desert that lie within me.”

the warm sand began to gently trickle down into my shirt.