I Envisioned

Woman, heart and soul of this World

Woman, heart and soul of this World

Curiously, my fingers traced softly over your

eyelashes, gently moved over the

ridges of your lips and tenderly

explored your hair, ears, and the

graceful contour of your neck.

Warm, supple and graceful – woman

by design is sensual charm, by GODS

power – wondrous beauty; not

from a soup from Earth’s beginning

such form not chanced. Life’s

miracle as through a rehearsed dance.

Humanity personified as

unique – songs, sonnets, and prose

remark about woman’s strength

and charm;

vibrant – persuasive, diligent, insightful

hers is a kinder sweeter argument;

intelligent – thorough, determined,

her persistence is relentless;

tough – beyond her femininity, a

sensitive team player or rugged individualist;

motivated – beyond the imagination of men,

governments, and even religions, and first

children, gently as she wishes;

kind – warm, strong, gentle, filled with grace

an enduring memory, the vision of her face;

humorous – mirth, joy, and her tireless laughter,

problems become less of a dilemma under her smile;

witty – a quip or Bible verse, a parable or long

forgotten rhyme, her memories she can share

span the length of preceding generations time;

adventurous – this proven and miracles

never end, she has climbed the highest

mountains, explored space and found

satisfaction in the deepest seas; or the

most difficult task, to raise her young;

peacemakers – seeking above all else,

until words fail;

warriors – then to battle as needed and

her desire to win is without match;

negotiators – seeking to mediate when

society or even home asks or demands;

judges – when peaceful existence can

not be met, she decides;

attorney – she is better defending, as

I would much rather have her beside

me than;

prosecutor – opposite me in the court

room or the living room, she has humbled all;

referee – she can see the truth often before we

have realized the why of our argument;

all – woman is GOD’S vision, and answer to complete our World.