Passions Find


I rejoice in the moment, upon finding true love; glorious acceptance my heart soared high above;

Undefined, now totally understood, my heart captured beauty unpretentious, as before you I should;

Open arms awaited my embrace, within them all is forgotten, my needs now replaced;

Passion thrills, jumbled judgement–all refined, our crushing hug testifies that our locked hearts prove genuine.

Truth of love is plain and evident on our faces, loves healing powers erased all of pains shadowed traces;

I raise my cup to you tender beauty, to your sacrifice and patience, as passions flight upward caused roiling emotions–a storm we weather searing our devotion;

I cradled your passions, held fast to tumultuous upheavals of loves mixture of emotion, while you found yourself, your place in this most curious of romantic solutions.



Courtesy of Amy Winehouse Productions



You found your way back among us,
had you ever left?

I remembered you in the way life
choose to grace you with beauty
and voice to sing, your voice
could do many things.

Hair dark as the night sky,
sun-kissed, it radiates a
silver-gold blue hue as it
reflects true beauty.

Piled upon your head or
falling askew, it was your
persona that radiated true.

My eyes swallowed your painted
treasures that I would never
fully see, as I measured the
path of switchbacks you seemed
only to see.

I longed to share a cigarette
with you as the smoke curled from
your lips, I would place my face
close to yours and lips would
caress lips.

The tendril of blue-white smoke
would enter into your body, my
face pressed close to your soft
lips as you waited for me to draw
it from your mouth.

Slowly, you would yield the smoke
as eyes slowly close, we shared
what lovers do so often pressing
nose to nose.

I know it is not a perfect thing,
I refuse to be offended, offense
is a relative thing by those who
refuse to mend broken fences.

When you left it was the pain
that losing could suddenly bring,
were we lovers or even friends
your phone would nightly ring.

Torn away, I imagined your
beautiful innocence as like
a child dazzled by the white
light you continued towards it
with glee, no more hurts, pain,
uncertainty or strife this world
no more will see you sing.

How joyous might be the reunion
as a new voices aids the angels,
so pure now of thought you
understand all, even to why
I was musing.

The pundits claim after the fact
they knew that you were losing,
or was the pain too much for your
fragile body that even Earth knew
it was your own choosing.

I see you again and my heart lifts
as again the world needs cleansing,
will we ever hear a voice like yours
again that can burn with beauty as a
fire than can be singeing.

The Lucid Dream


The lucid dream…

…that becomes real,

when once my nights were bleak,

as shown by my heart’s muted appeal,

memories of your beauty entice me to rise,

then speak with dedication as I put words to paper that seem alive

and upon my chest rests loves enduring legacy which will never be denied.

Song of Sand; Song of Water

Courtesy of Play Comments

Courtesy of Play Comments

The desert is a friend while you are here and I am its champion.
While you are away it is nothing more than an empty shell keeping its secrets, harsh and unforgiving.
The ocean and sound are nothing more than two deep wounds that desire healing.
They cause the sky to weep in misery and its tears touch the waters and kiss sweetly the desert floor.
Had I not lived in both worlds I would not know this thing.
I have stood at both places and heard the mournful call of empty dreams being washed away.
Perhaps a champion will once again arise from the ashes of despair and become a champion of both.
 We shall see.
SongofWaterCourtesy of Play Comments

I Am Your Compact

She looked at me and smiled.


Is it possible for a compact case

to fall in love?

I gazed at her total beauty.

“You look awesome, dear.” I could
feel her body heat as she drew me
near to her face. I longed to kiss
her soft red lips. Eyes closed now,
might I steal a tender — she rubs
her eye shadow as I gaze at her
hair and ears.

Still a kiss is a kiss.

She closes the lid and walks away
from the dresser. Darkness.

I have watched, as a youth, you
fumbled through your Mom’s purse until
like magic, precious grubby little
fingers seized me.

Mom’s treasured possession, again,
for the day – yours.

I’m excited, as I imagine our day
together. you – unlike your mom,
gratefully leave me open.

This allows me to view the world
outside, with the great sky, radiant
and so blue; sunshine so gallantly
yellow-white and true.

If I could escape forever into the
world beyond, who might choose me as
their betrothed, as near to face, as
any loved one;

I shudder to think of places I might
end, with mirror cracked, powder
gone – except for the edges; my
usefulness; is over I am quite done.

A sudden lurch frees me from my dismal
imaginative wade thru misery; my
usefulness far from over as my mistress
enjoys her beauty and finery.

Should this not be, as I see most
often curvaceous lips, turned into
playful puckers; as we prepare to jaunt
into the city – a place of excitement
and fun or for some, a place where we
intrigued the truckers.

I have heard, but not witnessed where
great Queens hold me in high regard,
as even the dollar store sells my kin.
I am again one in all who enjoys such
beauty; my rewards are measured in your
use of me to perform my duty.

Sights I often see, such marvels of
beauty, lips so beautiful and in
multitudes of colors, hues and stuff,
from sensuous gloss to stark black
semi-gloss cuties;

so much of what I am ensured success,
facing a world where some actually
gauge looks as a measure, should
release the old paradigm of how the
World measures beauty.

Only those of limited human scope
would allow a panel to exercise
judgments of a woman’s beauty – I know
where from her beauty begins from the
very moment when she dons the mantle
of womanhood, thus it is, and ever shall be.

Her swell of her face to where her
mouth – matters not if her lips are
thin or full, soft not firm, or whether
natural swell towards the smile, or the
right events must actuate upturned beauty.
This will generate the path to true beauty.

Pursed or slightly parted desirous in their
element, rain – moist, tender and soft;
snow – dry, mostly turned in and sheltered,
or possessing a gentle blue hue.

Dampened by pool, pond, lake or ocean you
face and mouth are works of serene beauty.

My task is to show you, and in turn help you
realize the honor of your true attractiveness
and the reality of what you may become,
or of who you are.

Storm Squall

retreating clouds

i see the the dawn breaking with scattered low clouds having discharged their rain upon the lands and city;

cleansing the air,

giving even the dusty corners a renewed purity as doesthe street washer as it goes about its task like a mindlessjuggernaut without feeling or compassion;

even the birds sought shelter from the cleansing moisture, now do they enjoy the comfort that the healingwaters have delivered freely to them;

having brought a new life and a new opportunity, does chance renew, invigorate, and supply us with a wonderful sense of being;

there is a new hope in the air,

a freshness smelled, a new awareness, a fabulous hope and expectancy racing into the hearts, minds, and bodies of all living things;

when breathed in we find the expectancy exhilarating, seemingly, where nothing can touch within ourselves; this joy, this passion, this savoring of the moment which we
might lock within ourselves forever;

this is ours to share or keep secretly locked away or captured for the future in a picture; ours, to trade as a fascinating story, or the gift of a poem,
secreted as a valuable treasure, or left to despair without a second glance as we are some times too busy to experience or savor such a joyous moment;

we often find ourselves gazing at retreating clouds; more often, grateful they are departing, not realizing the most precious of gifts were placed before our feet or chanced to fall upon our shoulders.

Sunlight So Bright

I envisioned.

My fingers traced softly over your
eyelashes, gently moved over the
ridges of your lips and tenderly
explored your hair, ears, and the
graceful contour of your neck.

Warm, supple and graceful – woman
by design is sensual charm, by GODS
power – wondrous beauty; not
from a soup from Earth’s beginning
such form not chanced, Life’s
miracle as though a rehearsed dance.

Humanity personified as

unique – songs, sonnets, and prose
remark about woman’s strength and charm;

vibrant – persuasive, diligent, insightful
hers is a kinder sweeter argument;

intelligent – thorough, determined,
her persistence is relentless;

tough – beyond her femininity, a sensitive
team player or rugged individualist;

motivated – beyond the imagination of

men, governments, and even religions,
and first children, gently, as she wishes;

kind – warm, strong, gentle, filled with

grace an enduring memory, the vision
of her face;

humorous – mirth, joy, and her tireless

laughter, problems become less of a
dilemma under her smile;

witty – a quip or Bible verse, a parable or long

forgotten rhyme, her memories she can share
span the length of preceding generations time;

adventurous – this proven and miracles
never end, she has climbed the highest
mountains, explored space and found
satisfaction in the deepest seas; or the
most difficult task, to raise her young;

peacemakers – seeking above all else,
until words fail;

warriors – then to battle as needed and
her desire to win is without match;

negotiators – seeking to mediate when
society or even home asks or demands;

judges – when peaceful existence can
not be met, she decides;

attorney – she is better defending, as
I would much rather have her beside
me than;

prosecutor – opposite me in the court
room or the living room, she has humbled all;

referee – she can see the truth often before
we have realized the why of
our argument;

all – woman is GOD’S vision, and
answer to complete our World.